Parker IQAN-MC43

 For Larger Applications, 18 Inputs, 50 Outputs, Total Vehicle Control (All Hydraulic Functions).

High-Performance Master Controller for Cost-Efficient Task Oriented Control. The IQAN-MC4x is a family of master controllers. The three sizes may be used in different ways.

  • MC41 for cost-efficient task oriented control
  • MC42 mid-size applications and I/O distribution
  • MC43 large space-saving centralized control

The IQAN-MC43 controller is a large I/O count module in the MC4 family. It is best for bigger applications such as total vehicle control (all hydraulic functions) when it is desired to have the controller centrally located to save valuable space.

The IQAN-MC43 is designed to be either an IEC 61508 SIL2 Functional Safety (-FS) variant or a performance optimized, standard controller.

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    Controller Type Master Controller -
    Dimensions, overall L. 155 x W. 166 x H. 42 mm (6.1" x 6.54" x 1.65") Footprint is small enough for any installation
    Weight 0.8 kg -
    Connection 1 x Molex MX123, 66 pos,m 1 x Molex MX123, 73 pos. -
    Housing Material Aluminum -


    Supply Voltage 9-32Vdc -
    Inputs 50 Total - (3) voltage inputs: 12-bit, 0-5V, (2) voltage inputs: 14-bit, 0-35V, (4) current-loop inputs: 14-bit, 0-25mA, (6) timer inputs (Freq., PWM, Pulse): 0-50KHz, (18) digital inputs The inputs and outputs share flexible pins and are configured using IQAN software. The total number of inputs/types and outputs/types will vary, depending on configuration
    Outputs 36 Total - (10 x 2) Cam outputs (closed-loop): 0-2500mA, (8) PWM outputs: 4 A high-side, (20) PWM outputs: 2 A low-side, (8) digital outputs: 200 mA low-side The inputs and outputs share flexible pins and are configured using IQAN software. The total number of inputs/types and outputs/types will vary, depending on configuration
    Output Current Rating (MA) 2500 -
    Communication Interface 5XCAN, Ethernet IQAN module communicate on a CAN-bus
    Protocols ICP (IQAN CAN Protocol) SAE J1939, Generic CAN 10 base T -
    Electrical Connection Molex MX123 Highly reliable connectors, made for harsh environment and high vibration applications


    Operating Temperature Range −40°C to +85°C -
    Storage Temperature Range −40°C to + 105°C -
    Environmental Protection IP66, IP69K Rugged mechanical design, sealed for outdoor use
    Connector 1 x Molex MX123, 66 pos,m 1 x Molex MX123, 73 pos. High reliability connector system, made for harsh environment, high vibration applications


    Processor MCU Triple Core 300MHz Program memory 8 mByte- ( 2 Mbyte Datalog memory)
    Data Log Memory (Dflash) 2 MB -
    Settings and Counter Memory (FRAM) 32 KB -
    Network: CAN 5 -
    Network: Ethernet Pins to wire in an Ethernet communication port. The Ethernet port is used for uploading/down loading applications and diagnostics and is designated for computer communication
    Software IQANdesign platform Signals can be selected and the parameters configured using IQAN software

    Features & Benefits

    A range of high performance controllers for real-time control -
    Capable of running applications that fulfill functional safety demands, SIL2/PLd -
    Machine control with emphasis on hydraulic control performance -
    Small dimension enclosure gives ultra small footprint for installation in any location -
    From entry level task oriented control to High I/O configuration for centralized control systems -
    Fast development of machine functionality with resource efficient IQAN software tools -


    Controller Type Master Controller -
    The IQAN-MC4x family of controllers has a wide range of input and output types for the monitoring and control of hydraulic systems. Common pin numbering is used between controllers to match type of I/O -
    Varying amounts of local I/O for input/output use and multiple CAN-buses that support ICP (IQAN CAN protocol), SAE J1939 and Generic CAN -
    By supporting SAE J1939 and Generic CAN the MC4x can act as a sub-master when there is a need of higher performance in a sub-circuit or when there is an OEM supplied overall machine master -


    Capabilities - -
    vmAC Core - -
    MCU triple core 300 MHz
    Program memory (Flash/SRAM) 8 MB / 2.7 MB
    Data log memory (Dflash) 2 MB
    Settings and counter memory (FRAM) 32 KB


    Construction Equipment -
    Agriculture Machinery -
    Mining -
    Material Handling Equipment -


    Crane Control -
    Excavator Control -
    Telehandler Control -
    Underground Hard Rock Mine Equipment -
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