Parker IQAN-MC31

Master Controllers- Control System, Multi-Master System.

Parker’s IQAN-MC31 is a rugged CAN controller with a unique mix of dedicated and flexible I/O for mobile hydraulic equipment. The unit is based on the IQAN-MC3 SIL2 rated controller and uses the same hardware, but with software optimized for higher speed and lower memory consumption.

The MC31 has inputs capable of measuring analog, digital and frequency signals. Much of the I/O may be flexibly configured to meet any system need. It is fully programmable for use in any machine application as a standalone controller, a single bus master with expansion units, or together with other IQAN master controllers. IQAN-MC31 has 4 CAN buses to communicate with IQAN modules or other CAN devices (supports SAE J1939, CANopen and other protocols). Equipped with an aluminum housing and environmentally sealed connectors, this controller is designed for the outdoor environment.

The IQAN-MC31 controller performs data logging and has full diagnostic and CAN gateway capability. Machine applications for the MC31 are simple to create with the easy-to-use IQAN programming tools. This makes the IQAN-MC31 master controller a perfect fit for any mobile machine application.


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    Dimensions, overall L 230 x W 163 x D 55 mm -
    Connection 4 x DT04-18P (A-D) -
    Housing Material Aluminum -
    Weight 1.1 kg -


    Supply Voltage (Vdc) 9-32Vdc -
    Inputs: Voltage/Frequency/Digital 32 Total 16 voltage / 8 frequency / 8 digital Can be used for safety related signals, when the inputs are configured in pair
    Outputs: Proportional/Digital 9 Total 4 double proportional / 5 digital Proportional can control 4 bi-directional valve sections or 4 single solenoid devices. Digital designed for driving on-off solenoids
    CAN Communication Parker ICP (IQAN CAN protocol), J1939, Generic CAN CAN-buses, 4


    Operating Temperature Range −40°C to +85°C -
    Storage Temperature Range −40°C to +100°C -
    Environmental Protection IP69K Outdoor, chassis


    Diagnostic/LEDS/Display All outputs have diagnostics Internal, external faults, and return switches
    Processor 32-bit TriCore Capable of storing 80,000 records
    Software IQANdesign platform This allows application function groups to be imported between unit type


    Features and Benefits - -
    Monitors up to 24 inputs-analog, digital or frequency -
    Pulse Width Modulation for proportional control of up to 4 valve sections -
    5 dedicated on-off outputs -
    Easto-to-use programming tools -
    Sealed for outdoor use -
    4 CAN buses -


    Controller Type Master Controller -
    Applications: - -
    Agriculture -
    Construction -
    Forestry -
    Material Handling -
    Specialty -
    Transportation -
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