Parker IQAN-MC3

SIL2 Master Controller Dual Redundant Processor with Valve Outputs.

The Parker IQAN-MC3 is an SIL2 rated master module in the IQANdesign platform.  It can be used as a stand-alone controller, as a single bus master, or together with other IQAN master modules.  The IQAN-MC3 is especially suited for applications with higher demands on functional safety, where there is a need to prove the safety integrity of each implemented safety function. It is designed in accordance with IEC 61508:2010, and can be used to implement safety function of up to SIL2. The IQAN-MC3 is targeted specifically towards those mobile applications where the OEM needs to prove the integrity of implemented safety functions, using the stricter requirements of modern standards such as EN 13849-1. When designing safety functions in accordance with EN 13849-1, it can be used for functions with up to PLd.

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Dimensions, overall L 230 x W 163 x D 55mm
Connection 4 x DT04-18P (A-D)
Housing Material Aluminum -
Weight 1.1 kg -


Supply Voltage (Vdc) 9-32Vdc
Inputs: Voltage/Frequency/Digital 32 Total 16 voltage / 8 frequency / 8 digital Can be used for safety related signals, when the inputs are configured in pairs
Outputs: Proportional/Digital 9 Total 4 proportional / 5 digital Proportional CAN control 4 bi-directional valve sections or 4 single solenoid devices. Digital designed for driving on-off solenoids
CAN Communication Parker ICP (IQAN CAN protocol), J1939, Generic CAN CAN-buses, 4


Operating Temperature Range −40°C to +85°C
Storage Temperature Range −40°C to +100°C
Environmental Protection IP69K Outdoor, chassis


Diagnostic/LEDS/Display All outputs have diagnostics Internal, external faults, and return switches
Processor 32-bit TriCore Capable of storing 80,000 records
Software IQANdesign Platform This allows application function groups to be imported between unit types


Controller Type Master Controller -
Application: - -
Agriculture -
Construction -
Forestry -
Material Handling -
Specialty -
Transportation -

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