Parker IQAN-LC5-X05

Large Analog, Hall-Effect, 2 Axis Joystick.

Parker’s IQAN-LC5-X05 is a large, analog joystick for the mobile market. The ergonomic MP handle option provides a variety of control interfaces. Combinations of buttons, thumb wheels, and trigger are available.

  • A large, coordinate joystick that incorporates ruggedness, functionality, lightweight, and has high flexibility for mobile market applications
  • The unit is extremely robust, able to withstand aggressive conditions during outdoor use and in outdoor installations, including EMI, vibrations and a wide temperature range
  • Features a compact ergonomic design making it ideal for armrest and panel installations in mobile equipment
  • Specifications
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    Function 2 proportional, 2 proportional, 2 buttons, 2 proportional, 2 buttons, trigger, 2 proportional, 4 buttons, 2 proportional, 4 buttons, trigger, 2 proportional, trigger, 4 proportional, 2 buttons, 4 proportional, 2 buttons, trigger, 3 proportional, 4 button -
    - -
    Lever Base - -
    Angle of movement ±18° -
    Expected Life (full stroke cycles) 5 million -
    Lever Force in Neutral, XY 0.6 Nm -
    Full Actuated, XY Direction 1.4 Nm -
    One time Loading (max.) 100 Nm -


    Lever Base - -
    - -
    Over Voltage Range 11Vdc @ 10 min. -
    Connection Deutsch DTM, 6p. -
    - -
    Analog Outputs - -
    Active Range (Vdc) out 10%-90% V s
    Resolution <2 mV)
    - -
    Rated Power Supply (Vs) 5Vdc -
    Load Resistive (min.) 4.5kΩ -
    Load Capacitive (max). 1μF -
    Current Consumption 16 mA (5Vdc) -


    Lever Base - -
    Temperature Range - -
    Operating, ambient -40° to +85° C
    Storage, ambient -40° to +100°C
    - -
    Sealing, Above Flange (with sealed handle and bellow) IP65 -

    Features & Benefits

    Dual hall-effect sensors provide redundancy -
    Industry standard 0-5V signal range -
    Built-in drainage will protect the electronics in case of a damaged bellow -
    Wide variety of face-plate options put all functions in 1 handle -
    - -
    MP Handle - -
    The IQAN-LC5-X05 is designed to be used with the Multi-Purpose (MP) handle -
    In order to reduce operator fatigue, the MP handle incorporates a hand rest, and is designed for both left and right-handed use -


    Construction Equipment -
    Forestry Equipment -
    Agriculture Machinery -
    Material Handling Equipment -
    Mobile Markets -


    Boom and Swivel Control -
    Plow and Spreader Control -
    Excavator Control -
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