Parker IQAN Id-Tags

Parker’s idTags are address tags and terminating resistors that identify different modules or controllers in an IQAN CAN-bus system.

Parker’s IQAN addressing and terminating resistor tags consist of 4 different types, each with the specific terminal required for the various mating connectors used in IQAN controller modules. They are pre-crimped and sealed for easy and quick installation into IQAN systems. They allow you to have up to 8 of the same type of a module in your CAN-bus system. Because the address idTag¬†is built into your harness, it is easy to replace modules in the field.

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Connection Saab AMP/Tyco JPT, Deutsch DTM, MicroFit 3.0, Deutsch DT -
- -
Technical Specifications - -
Plastic encapsulation -
8 Separate ID's -
120 ohm terminating resistors -
Saab, AMP/Tyco junior power timer terminals -
Deutsch DTM terminals -
Molex MicroFit 3.0 terminals -
Deutsch DT terminals -
- -
Type Address 0, Address 1, Address 2, Address 3, Address 4, Address 5, Address 6, Address 7, Address/Terminate 0T, Address/Terminate 1T, Address/Terminate 2T, Address/Terminate 3T, Address/Terminate 4T, Address/Terminate 5T, Address/Terminate 6T, Address/Terminate -


Environmental Protection Sealed for outdoor use -


Features and Benefits: - -
Sealed for outdoor use -
Quick assembly into IQAN Systems -


Applications Electrical systems where IQAN is specified -
- -
Market - -
Mobile -
Industrial -

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