Parker IQAN-G3

Remote Diagnostic Module – Multiple Band Radio Modem.

Parker’s IQAN-G3 is a multiple band radio modem. It is designed to transmit and receive information from devices connected to an IQAN system via a cellular link according to GSM and UMTS standards. The G3 also can receive GNSS (GPS) position data.

Parker’s IQAN-G3 is a modem unit that works with the master display and master controller modules in IQAN control systems. The modem is simple to set up from within IQAN software and provides easy remote access, using the IQAN PC tools, to the machine control system with just a few clicks.

You only need an internet connection to get access to the machine from the IQAN tools.

View IQAN-G3 Antenna under Parker Electronic Control Accessories here. 

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    Mechanical Environment EN60068-2-6, Test Fc, Random vibration, EN 60068-2-271;2008 Ea, Shock, EN 60068-2-20:1987 Eb, Bump (sinusoidal 10…50HZ/ f<22Hz: 5mm / f>22HJz: 5g / 3axis XYZ / 3h per axis) 30 g, 11 ms, 3 * 6 dir, 15 g, 11 ms, 500 * 6 dir
    Dimensions 126 mm L x 121 mm H x 42 mm d -


    Voltage Supply on +BAT 6 min-36V max Reverse polarity protected with 1A fuse
    Voltage on any pin with respect to -BAT 32V max Antenna signals excluded
    Power Supply Capable of peak currents of up to 500 mAmps at 6Vdc Otherwise the IQAN-G3 will not register with a newtork provider
    LED Indicators Shows different IQAN-G3 modes If an error is detected, a message will be presented on the LEDs
    - -
    Interfaces / Protocols: - -
    CAN: Parameter Remark
    Number of CAN-buses 1
    CAN specification 2.0A and 2.0B
    CAN-bus speed (max) 1 mbit/s
    CAN protocol IQAN diagnostic protocol
    Protection SCB, SCG


    Ambient Temperature TAOP -30°C - +75°C -
    Storage Temperature TAST -40°C - +85°C -
    Climate Environment IP65 enclosure, water & dust protection -


    TA = +25° C (unless otherwise specified) - -
    - -
    Current Consumption, while GSM Transmission in Progress 150 ma mA @ 24Vdc
    - -
    Mobile Radio Network - -
    GSM/GPRS/Edge class 12 850/900/1800/1900 MHZ
    UMTS/HSPA 6-band 800/850/900/1700/1900/2100 MHZ
    - -
    Operating System - -
    It is required to download the operating system 4.0 or later to enable full functionality of the modem in IQANdesign platform systems -


    Functionality Requirements: - -
    SIM card from your preferred Network operator or activation of pre mounted SIM card -
    A subscription to a server solution that is offered by a Parker supplier -


    The communication interfaces are used for uploading/downloading applications or diagnostics and typically communicate with an IQAN master module -
    CAN - -
    The IQAN-G3 has 1 CAN interface, and is used to interface with IQAN master modules (e.g. IQAN-MD4) -


    Mining -
    Material Handling Equipment -
    Agriculture Machinery -
    Forestry Equipment -
    Construction Equipment -


    Rock Drills -
    Refuse Trucks -
    Crop Sprayers -
    Fork Lifts and Telehandlers -
    Feller Bunchers and Forwarders -
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