Parker DPS70

7″ LCD Touch Screen, Instrument Cluster, User Interface that Makes Complete Vehicle Information Accessible in a Single Centralized Location.

Parker’s DPS70 (Display Panel Standard with 7″ LCD touchscreen) instrument cluster is an innovative user interface that makes complete vehicle information accessible in a single centralized location. By incorporating the DPS70 cluster, a wide range of transportation vehicles can be operated more efficiently for greater productivity.

This versatile instrument cluster supports 3 CAN communication channels, as well as Ethernet and USB. The DPS70 has inputs to measure analog, digital and frequency signals and outputs suited for hydraulic control, or general electrical control.
The DPS70 instrument cluster is ideal for various transportation vehicle applications, with 4 backlit gauges, up to 26 positions for status LEDs (tell-tales), and an 800×480 LCD screen with PCAP touch capability. The 5 video inputs provide blind spot monitoring and backup camera feeds. The robust enclosure has environmentally sealed, Molex MX150 type connectors and is designed to be used in rugged environments.

The DPS70 has a software development kit (SDK) that allows customers to develop their own software and the overlay may be customized, making the DPS70 perfect for any application.

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Display - -
TFT, 7.0" (179 mm), 16:0 aspect ratio 800 x 480 pixels
Status LEDs (Telltales) 26
Gauges 4 stepper motor
- -
Interface Touchscreen -
Enclosure Material PC/ABS, custom colors available on request -
Display Material Hardened glass bonded to LCD, scratch resistant -
- -
Connectors (Type) - -
2 x 20 pins (Molex MX150) -
1 USB type A (Host) -
1 USB type B (Device) -
1 RJ45 (10/100 Ethernet) -
5 BNC (video camera inputs) -
- -
Mounting Method Panel mounted using 6 screws, #8-32 (Customer supplied bezel) -


Supply Voltage 12V and 24V -
Operating Voltage 9V to 32V -
Minimum Cranking Voltage 7V -
- -
Communication - -
CAN channels (SAE J1939) 2 standard, 1 optional
USB 2 (1 Host, 1 Device)
Ethernet 1
RS-232 1
- -
Inputs/Outputs - -
Digital Inputs 9
Analog Inputs 10
Frequency Inputs 2
Video Inputs 5 PAL/NTSC, display 4 simultaneously
High-Side Outputs 2
Sensor Supply Outputs 1 (5V)
Audio Outputs 1 internal buzzer,110 dB at 10 cm, 3400 Hz
- -
Real Time Clock (RTC) - -
Battery backup -


Operating Temperature Range –20°C to +70°C -
Storage Temperature Range –30°C to +85°C -
Humidity (soak) ASAE EP455_Feb_2008_Section 5.13 -
Humidity (cyclic) ASAE EP455_Feb_2008_Section 5.13 -
Dust/Water Ingress Protection Front IP69K Rear IP40
Salt Spray MIL-STD-202G_Feb_2002_ Method 101 -
Shock ASAE J1455_Jun_2006_Section 4.11.3. -
Radom Vibration ASAE J1455_Jun_2006_ section Figure 10 -
ESD ANSI/ASAE EP455_Feb_2008_Section 5.12. -
- -
EMC - -
Susceptability ANSI/ASAE EP455_Feb_2008_Section 5.16.3/ISO 14982/SAE J1113
Emissions ISO 14982:1998, Figures A.5 and A.6 (see brochure)


Software - -
ISO 14982:1998, Figures A.5 and A.6 (see brochure) Linux
The DPS70 has a software development kit (SDK) that allows customers to develop their own software and the overlay may be customized, making the DPS70 perfect for any application -

Features & Benefits

Monitors up to 21 inputs - analog, digital or frequency -
4 gauges supported -
26 status LEDs -
7" LCD touch screen -
3 CAN buses -


Weight 1.45 kg -


Transportation -
Material Handling Equipment -


Bus and Coach Instrumentation -
Any type of vehicle operator display -

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