Parker CM3620

Semi-Custom Controller Module (master unit), Rugged, Stand-Alone (Or With Other Controller Systems), Program C, J1939 Protocol Over CAN-Bus, 36 Inputs, 20 Outputs.

Parker’s CM3620 is a rugged CAN controller with a focus on high I/O count. Its inputs can measure analog, digital and frequency signals, while the PWM (pulse width modulated) capable outputs are ideally suited for hydraulic valve control.

The CM3620 is able to be the main controller in a range of vehicle markets including agriculture, on-highway trucks and buses, and off-road construction equipment or may be combined with other modules in a large system. Equipped with an aluminum housing and 2 environmentally sealed, 35-pin connectors, this controller is designed for the outdoor environment.

The CM3620 has a software development kit (SDK) that allows customers to develop their own software making the CM3620 perfect for any application.

Parker Controller Modules (master units): CM0711, CM2115, CM3620, CM3626.

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    Controller Type Master Controller -
    Dimensions, overall L 10" x W 5.7" x D 1.85"
    Enclosure Material Aluminum and Steel -
    Weight 1.2 (kg) -
    Connection Type 2 x 32 pins, 70 pins total Ampseal (1 black, 1 white) -
    Mounting Method Four (4) 1/4" or 6mm bolts -


    Power Supply 12-24Vdc
    Voltage 7.5-32Vdc -
    Inputs 10 voltage / 4 frequency / 22 digital Voltage 6 standard / 4 amplified, frequency 2 AC coupled / 2 DC coupled, digital 22 programmable pullup/down including 2 wakeup inputs
    Outputs 20 Total 16 high-side/4 low-side High-side max PWM frequency 500 Hz Low-side capable of current sensing
    Electrical Connection Ampseal -
    CAN Communication J1939 / RS232 2 (with "Wake on CAN" functionality) 1 (not typically used by customer, will use 2 x digital input pins)


    Operating Temperature −40°C to +85°C
    Storage Temperature −55°C to +125°C
    Environmental Protection IP66 EP455, J1455, and ISO 7637-2


    Diagnostic/LEDS/Display On board LED Diagnostics Default fault codes includes short to ground or power , over current, and open loads
    Software C and SDK -

    Features & Benefits

    Monitors up to 36 inputs - analog, digital or frequency -
    16 high-side 2.5 A outputs -
    4 low-side 2.5 A outputs -
    Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) for proportional valve control -


    Ordering Part Number(s) Model Number: CM3620 Part Number: 0916021ECD


    Interface 1xCAN (J1939) -
    - -
    Channels - -
    CAN Channels (J1939 compliant) 2 (with "Wake on CAN" functionality)
    RS232 1 (not typically used by customer, will use 2 x digital input pins)


    Construction Equipment -
    Transportation -
    Agriculture Machinery -
    Material Handling Equipment -
    Mobile Vehicle Markets -
    Forestry -
    Speciality -


    Bus Kneel and Door Open Control -
    Engine and Transmission Control -
    Excavator Control -
    - -
    Can be combined with other modules for large system applications -
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