Parker CM0410

J1939 Slave Controller Module, J1939 Protocol Over A CAN-Bus Connection, 4 Inputs, 10 Outputs.

Parker’s CM0410 controller module is a compact J1939 slave unit that features configurable I/O using a supplied PC tool.

The main function of the Parker CM0410 module is to provide a means of controlling mechanical relays or low current loads via messages on the CAN-bus. Enhancements have been included to support things like open bulb detection and some limited solenoid PWM control.

Parker’s J1939 slave controller, the CM0410 delivers IP67 rated inputs and outputs for auxiliary functions where rugged outdoor control is needed. It can be mounted anywhere on the machine. With 4 inputs and 10 outputs, it is perfect for controlling mechanical relays or low current loads via J1939 messages on the CAN-bus in mobile and transportation markets.

Parker Controller Modules (J1939 slave units) CM0410, CM2904.

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    Controller Type Slave/Expansion Module Slave/Controller Module
    Dimensions, Overall L. 69.8 x W. 159.4 x D. 38.9 (mm) -
    Enclosure Material Injection molded plastic with potted electronics -
    Weight 0.3 (kg) -
    Connector 1 x 20 pin Type: Molex MX150
    Mounting Method (2) Two 1/4" or 6mm bolts -


    Supply Voltage 12V and 24V -
    Operating Voltage Range 9V to 32V continuous -
    Low Voltage Cranking 6V -
    Over Voltage 36V -
    - -
    Micro Core Capabilities - -
    Micro type ARM Cortex MO
    Flash size 32 Kbyte
    RAM size 8 Kbyte
    EEPROM size 16 Kbit
    - -
    Communication Channels CAN channels (J1939 compliant) 1 with "Wake on CAN" functionality
    - -
    Inputs 4 -
    Programmable inputs -
    - 3 programmable as frequency /0-5V analog
    - 1 programmable as frequency /0-5V analog / wake-up
    - -
    Current sense pass through High-side, pass through current sense
    - -
    Outputs 10 -
    High-side outputs 2 x 2A outputs, PWM (100-200 Hz)
    Maximum continous load 3 x 0.25A outputs, PWM (100-200Hz)
    Maximum PWM Frequency 5 x 0.25A outputs


    Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C -
    Storage Temperature -40°C to +85°C -
    Sealing IP69K -
    Environmental Protection IP67 rated -
    Specifications EP455 and J1455 -


    Slave Module Module is controllable as a slave module over a J1939 Can network Slave module CAN messaging details are configurable by user
    Software Pre-Configured -

    Features & Benefits

    Small and configurable J1939 slave mounts anywhere -
    Features configurable I/O using a supplied PC tool -
    Reports input status and receives output commands from a master using J1939 protocol over a CAN-bus connection -


    Model, Part Number Model Number: CM0410 Part Number: 104001ECD


    Communication Channels CAN channels (J1939 compliant) 1 with "WAKE on CAN" functionality


    Agriculture Machinery -
    Construction Equipment -
    Forestry -
    Material Handling -
    Specialty -
    Transportation -
    Mobile -


    Fan Drive Controller -
    Truck Mounted Crane Control -
    Door Open Control -
    Rugged Outdoor -
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