Parker ATS50

Sensor Condition Monitoring 0-5Vdc Non-Contact, Hall Effect, Angle Tilt – Single-Axis, IQAN Compatible, Electronic Control Systems.

The Parker ATS50 is a non-contact, Hall effect angle/tilt sensor for mobile hydraulic applications. The ATS50 will sense angular movement in one-axis and output a ratiometric 0-5Vdc signal.

The measuring range is +/- 10 degrees. The sensor has twelve-inch leads with an attached Deutsch connector. The ATS50 has a tough ABS plastic construction for strength and corrosion resistance. The sensor uses non-contact, Hall effect technology for trouble-free operation. The sensor is very robust and able to withstand rugged applications.

The ATS50 is a single axis, a non-contacting tilt sensor that can be used to indicate the level to near level position in a number of mobile hydraulic application. The Parker ATS90 is a dual-axis sensor.

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    Sensor Type Tip/tilt -
    Housing Style Custom molded -
    Housing Material ABS plastic -
    Working Angle ±10° Single-axis
    Height, Length, Width 2.7"H. x 2.75" L. x 1.50" W. -
    Mounting Option Flange -
    Mounting Holes 4.3 mm (x2), 7.14 mm (x4) -
    Operating Life 10 million cycles -
    Shock 1m drop -
    Vibration 10 Gs -


    Input Supply voltage 5Vdc -
    Output 0.5 to 4.5Vdc Ratiometric
    Connector Deutsch DTM 12 inch leads
    Maximum Supply Current 12 mA -
    Output Current Rating (MA) 2 mA Max -
    Electrical Output Range ±10° -
    Linearity ±0.6% -
    Hysteresis <0.5% -


    Operating Temperature Range −35°C to +85°C -
    Humidity 100% -
    Environmental Protection IP67 Potted electronics
    Chemical Environment Liquids (resistance) Standard automotive


    Tough ABS plastic construction for strength and corrosion resistance -


    Proportional Indication of Tilt Singlel-axis -
    IQAN -


    Part number 01759ECD
    - ATS50 single axis sensor is a one axis, 0.5-4.5Vdc, non-contact, Hall effect angle/tilt sensor. range: ±10 degrees cable length: 12 inches connector: Deutsch DTM04-3
    - -
    Part number (dual axis) 01716ECD (Visit ATS90 Angle/Tilt Sensor on our website)


    Mobile -


    Mobile Equipment -
    Mobile Hydraulic -
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