Parker ACC50

Sensor Condition Monitoring 0-5Vdc Output Accelerometer, IQAN Compatible, Electronic Control Systems.

The Parker ACC50 is a 0-5 Vdc output accelerometer and has a variety of uses for mobile hydraulic applications. The ACC50 can be used to sense vibration, impact, tilt, and motion of the equipment where it is mounted.

The measuring range is +/- 1.5 G. The sensor has twelve-inch leads with an attached Deutsch connector. The ACC50 has a glass-filled nylon plastic construction for sturdiness and corrosion resistance. The sensor uses micro-machined technology for trouble-free operation.

The sensor is very robust and able to withstand rugged applications.

Parker’s ACC series is a family of inertial sensors for mobile and other applications. The sensors are analog output and have an inertial range of up to ±1.5G. Two versions are offered to that can be used to indicate acceleration or level position.

View Parker ACC100 here 2.103 – 3.132 Vdc output.

The sensors are designed using MEMs technology and a high level of EMI immunity for trouble-free operation. They are built in a single package with no external moving components and able to withstand rugged applications The potted design combined with the sealed connector give the sensors IP67 protection for outdoor applications.

Parker controllers provide up to sixteen axes of coordinated motion control for complete electromechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic motion systems. Products include stand-alone multi-axis motion controllers, integrated control and drive packages and integrated motion and machine controllers.

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Operating Life 1 billion cycles 1kHz@10G peak
Measuring Range +/- 1.5 G -
Total Error ±3.5% @ 0G -
Temperature + Sensitivity ±5.2% @ ±1G ±6.0% @ ±1.5G
Housing Material Glass-filled nylon plastic Corrosion resistance
Height, Length, Width H. 14.7mm x L. 31.88mm x W. 54.1mm Width is insert style dependent
Mounting Plane Vertical (bump, drop) Horizontal (bump, tilt) Large mounting holes
Connector Deutsch DTM -
Weight 62 g -


Zero Point 2.5Vdc -
+1G (arrow up) 3.8 Vdc nominal -
-1G (arrow down) 1.2 Vdc nominal -
Supply Voltage (Vs) 5Vdc Current Supply: Max 10 mA
Output 0.5-4.5Vdc -
Over-Voltage -
Reserve-Voltage -
Output Short-Circuit Protected -
Connections 3 PIN DTM on 300mm lead wire -


Operating Temperature Range −40°C to +125°C -
Storage Temperature Range −40°C to +125°C -
Climate Sealing (Electronics) IP67 -
Chemical Environment Liquids (resistance) Standard automotive -
Vibration 30 Gs -
Shock 50 Gs -
A high level of EMI protection -


The ACC50 has a glass-filled nylon plastic construction for sturdiness and corrosion resistance -



Features & Benefits

Glass-filled nylon plastic body for corrosion resistance -
SXL automotive wire -
±40 degrees or ±90 degrees (±1.5G) range -
No moving parts -


Ordering Part Number 01767ECD


Mobile Hydraulics Industry -
Agricultural Equipment -
Aerial -
Bus and Coach -
Construction Equipment -
Industrial -
Material Handling Equipment -
Other Mobile -


Suited for Outdoor Applications -
Cab and Seats -
Conveyor -
Boom, Outrigger, and other Implement Position -

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