OTTO P2 3-Position Momentary Action, One or Two Step Commerical Pushbutton

Electromechanical Pushbutton Switch with Three-mode Design.

OTTO’S unique 3-position P2 pushbutton offers two levels (steps) of momentary switch action plus “off” for applications requiring three modes of operation. Each detent operates an independent set of SPDT contacts rated to 5A @ 28Vdc or 125Vac wrapped up in a watertight and dust tight package.

The OTTO P2 series works like this: Upon actuation, level one is reached with a positive tactile feel transmitted back to the operator. The operator has the option of either releasing the pushbutton, which will return to the normal (off) position, or continuing to level two. Upon release, the pushbutton returns to the normal position. Designed for the commercial market, the P2 also works well in numerous military applications.

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Life Cycles 25,000 cycles -
Operating Forces Pole one: 2.9 lbs ± 0.6lbs Pole two: 5.0 lbs ± 1.5 lbs.
Release Forces Pole one: .75 lbs. min Pole two: 1.0 lbs min
Total Travel One step style .125 max. Two step style .250 max.
Over Travel 0.015 inches min. -
Pre Travel 0.020 inches min. -


Load Sea level @ 28Vdc 125Vac, 60/400Hz
Resistive 5A -
Inductive 3A -
Lamp 3A -
DWV 1000Vrms initial -
Low Level 10mA @ 5Vdc resistive -
Electrical Life 25,000 cycles -


Operating Temperature Range −55°C to +85°C -
Seal Dust tight per MIL-PRF-8805 design 2 Watertight per MIL-PRF-8805 design 3


Materials: - -
Case Black anodized aluminum alloy -
Button Thermoplastic -
Mounting Hardware Hex nut and lock washer for case styles 3 and 6 -

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