OTTO HTLT4 Finger Joystick with Pushbutton Option

One/two axis or 360 degrees.

OTTO’s HTLT Series miniature Hall effect joystick is a proportional linear output finger joystick with a pushbutton option. With a lower base price than the HTL, the HTLT features 6 different button styles, multiple output configurations and 3 mounting options including top mount with threaded housing. Gating options include omnidirectional square on axis guided feel, gated dual axis return to center and omnidirectional round smooth feel.

The HTLT is available with a mechanical seal of either dusttight or watertight per IP68S. All electronics are sealed to IP68S. Featuring contactless Hall effect technology, the HTLT is designed to withstand harsh environments and works well in the industrial, medical, unmanned vehicle and off-highway industries for applications such as remote controls, armrest integration, control panels and belly boxes.

View HTLT2 here.

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Joystick: Mechanical Life All Directions 3,000,000 cycles -
Travel Angle Degrees Min. 19.0, Typ. 20.0, Max. 21.0
Over Travel Angle Degrees Min. 0.5, Typ.. 1.0, Max. 1.5
Operating Force (w/Boot) at Top of Button, @ 20° C Oz. Min. 5.0, Typ 8.0, Max. 16.0
Max Allowable Vertical Force on Button Lbs Min. n/a, Typ. n/a, Max. 25.0
Max Allowable Radial Force on Top of Knob Lbs Min. n/a, Typ. n/a, Max. 25.0
Max Allowable Torque on Button About Shaft Axis In-Lbs -
Pushbutton: - -
Mechanical Life 3,000,000 cycles -
Operating Force @ 20°C Oz. Min. 6.0, Typ. 8.0, Max. 10.0


Joystick Rated at Vcc=5V @ 20°C Load = 1mA (4.7kΩ) - -
Supply Voltage (Vdc) Vdc Min. 4.50, Typ. 5.00, Max. 5.50
Output Voltage Tolerance at Center Vdc @ 5V Vcc Min. -.25, Typ. n/a, Max. +.25
Output Voltage Tolerance at Full Travel Vdc @ 5V Vcc Min. -.25, Typ. n/a, Max. +.25
Supply Current Outputs "AA" & "DD" B=0, Vcc=5V, Io=O mA Min. n/a, Typ. 10.00, Max. 12.00
Supply Current Outputs "BB", "CC", "EE", "FF", "GG", & "HH" B=-, Vcc-5V, Io-O mA Min. n/a, Typ. 20.00, Max 24.00
Output Impedance kΩ Min. n/a, Typ. 1.00, Max. n/a


Operating Temperature −40°C to +85°C -
Joystick: - -
Electronics Seal ISO 20653, dusttight or watertight Per IP68S
Drop 1 meter max. to concrete -
EMI/RFI Withstand Per SAE J1113 Call for details
Pushbutton: - -
Seal ISO 20653, dusttight or watertight Per IP68S
Electronics Seal Integirty Electronics IP68S -


Materials: - -
Housing Thermoplastic, black -
Button Thermoplastic, black -
Flange Thermoplastic, black -
Bellows Silicone, black -
Pushbutton Wires 24 AWG -

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