Linear Output Hall Effect Pushbutton Switch.

The OTTO HPL hall effect linear output pushbutton switch provides output proportional to the travel of the button. Delivering up to 10 million cycles, this switch is ideal for those projects in which linear output is desired. Control the motion of your device as well as the speed of the movement. Rocker version available, with front or behind panel mounting options. The HPL switch is an ideal control device for valves and variable speed drives, and can be used in industrial control, construction, heavy equipment and material handling applications.

The HPL is offered as a stand-alone switch and in a dual HPL rocker assembly. As with all OTTO switches, a wide variety of case and button styles and colors are offered, along with various termination styles and two levels of sealing. OTTO can provide custom configurations as well as provide the HPL switches installed in a control grip.

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Axis-Options Single ­-
Lever Angle (Degrees) Linear push 0.160 inches ­-
Button Travel 0.135 inches min to 0.160 inches max ­-
Full Travel Force 0.15 inches, 3.0 lbs. typical to 3.8 lbs. max @ 25°C -
Reset Force 5 oz min @ 25°C -
Life Cycles 10,000,000 -


Resolution ­- ­-
Supply Voltage (Vdc) 5Vdc ­-
Output Control Signal-Potentiometric or Hall Effect Hall effect ratiometric Dual redundant- (1to 4 volts, 0.5V to 4.5V)
Controller Input Impedance (OHM)Ω 10mA max ­-
Switch Option ­- Choice of termination styles
Connection Lead wire ­-


Operating Temperature Range -­40°C to +85°C ­-
Storage Temperature Range ­-65°C to +105°C Humidity: 96% RH, 70°C, 96 hours
Environmental Protection IP65 / IP68S (available) RoHS/WEEE/reach compliant


Handle Solutions Rocker version available ­-
Housing Anodized Aluminum alloy ­-
Button Cap Thermoplastic ­-
Mounting Hardware Lockwasher, hex nut, washer when applicable ­-

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