Forward, Neutral, Reverse Hall Effect Rocker Switch

The OTTO HFNR is compact, robust and reliable, ideal for grip or panel mount applications. This 3-position switch provides operator comfort by reducing the movement required to change direction or switch gears. Backlighting offers enhanced visibility; making them easy to see in poor lighting or night-time operation. The electronics are sealed to IP68S; the switch has excellent EMI/RFI immunity, and a mechanical life of three million cycles.


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Mechanical Life 3,000,000 full forward to full back -
Angle of Throw Between Adjacent Positions 10° typical -
Max. Allowable Radial Load 30.0 lbx -


Supply Voltage VDC, 4.5 min, 5 typ, 5.5 max -
Output Voltage, Tolerance at Center VDC @ 5V Vcc, -0.35 min, +0.35 max -
Output Voltage, Tolerance at Full Travel VDC @ 5V Vcc, -0.35 min, +0.35 max -
Supply Current per Sensor mA, 10 max -


Operating Termperature Range -40°C to +85°C -
Humidity 96% RH, 70°C, 96 hours -
Environmental Protection Electronics sealed to IP68S -
Vibration Per MIL-810F minimum integrity -
EMI Withstand per SAE J1113 Contact GSGR for details
RFI Withstand per SAE J1113 Contact GSGR for details


Features and Benefits: - -
3 million cycle life Full forward to full backward
Hall effect contactless sensing technology -
Choice of bezel and button colors -
2V to 4V LED backlighting options -
Electronics sealed to IP68S -
Outstanding EMI/RFI immunity -
Snap in panel mounting - accepts multiple panel thickness -
RoHS/WEEE/Reach compliant -
Materials: - -
Button Thermoplastic
Bezel Thermoplastic


Mobile -


Agriculture -
Construction -
Industrial -
Material Handling -
Transportation -

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