OEM Controls MG23

Multi-Grip Handle with Rugged Grip, Ergonomic Comfort, Convenience, and Performance.

The OEM Controls MG23 Multi-Grip Handle is built to withstand exposure to harsh environmental conditions and to meet the exacting requirements of a wide variety of applications needs.

Complimentary products, OEM Controls BM24 single-axis, HSJ20 dual-axis, HJS24 multi-axis, HJS7 multi-axis, HJS8 dual-axis, HJS9 dual-axis, HMS10 single-axis, JS1 and JS4 multi-axis, JS2 and JS3.

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    Contact Ratings 5A 250Vac or 2A 30Vdc -
    Push Buttons Single-pole, single-throw (SPST) Perfect for on-off switching
    Rocker Switch SPST N.O. (Maintained or momentary) -
    Potentiometers 10K Ohm (CT) or 5K Ohm (non-CT); 5 watt, max current 1mA -
    Hall Effect Micro-Controllers Available Contact GS Global Resources

    Features & Benefits

    Featured packed -
    Customized configurations -
    Ergonomic designs -
    Easy installation -
    Rugged, weatherproof construction -
    Highly serviceable -


    Mobile -


    Agriculture -
    Mobile Equipment -
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