Magnetek MBT

Ergonomically Styled Bellybox Transmitter – Small & Lightweight

This versatile bellybox incorporates the latest in wireless control technology to meet the needs of mobile hydraulic applications. The MBT offers control capability similar to larger bellybox transmitters, including proportional joysticks, toggle switches, potentiometers, graphic display, two-way feedback, and FHSS RF, in a compact and durable package.

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Overall Dimensions L 5.0 x W 6.63 x D 5.25 inches Small, lightweight, 1.5 lbs
Mounting Available with a metal clip to secure to waist or a deluxe padded strap to carry over shoulder NEMA 4, stainless steel, explosion proof enclosure; Nylon housing


Supply Voltage (Vdc) (3) AA, disposable alkaline batteries Optional rechargeable(BT126), NiMH battery pack available
Radio Frequency Several frequency options including 400MHz, 900MHz, and 2.4GHz Synthesized RF or frequency hopping spread spectrum RF
Inputs: Voltage/Frequency/Digital Select up to 15 toggle switches; numerous combinations of toggles, selector switches, and potentiometers Pre-wired cables with valve connectors of choice; military grade auxiliary functions
Outputs: Digital LED's Optional LCD screen (replaces the standard status LED when ordered)
Diagnostics/Screen Graphic display modules with system diagnostics available Custom engraving on transmitters per application
Connection CAN Tethered option -
Rating IP66 -
CAN Communication J1939 Option -


Operating Temperature Range ­-25°C to +75°C -
Storage Temperature Range -­25°C to +75°C -
Environmental Protection Nema 4 (IP66) Sealed to withstand harsh, industrial environments


Modules I/O modules supporting various types of machine sensors and valves -


Customize Custom programming as the application requires -

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