Magnetek Enrange Flex Pro Tethered

Comfort and Style in One Package.

Magnetek’s Enrange Flex Pro Tethered CAN-bus Controller includes all of the features of our lightweight Flex Pro handheld transmitter, including precise proportional control, in a convenient, tethered version. Flex Pro Tethered provides “one-handed operation”, useful for applications that require the operator to assist in the operation of the machine.

Flex Pro Tethered is ideal for situations when RF cannot be used because of RF jamming restrictions, or when proportional control is needed but RF is not required. This controller can be kept on hand as a low-cost back-up to prevent delays. Flex Pro Tethered can be easily integrated into a variety of mobile applications.

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    Overall Dimensions L 9.0 x W 3.0 x D 1.3 inches Ergonomically designed; contoured case with available rubber jacket
    Mounting Belt tethered or hook NEMA 4; nylon housing


    Supply Voltage (Vdc) 9-36Vdc System supply voltage
    Radio Frequency None CAN communication
    Inputs: Voltage/Frequency/Digital 8 or 12 buttons, can be configured as proportional, on/off, or a combination of both E-stop built in
    Outputs: Digital 1 tri-color green/red/amber - Status LED Indicator; 4 red – Adjustable Speed Mode Indicator (25,50, 75, 100) -
    Diagnostics/Screen LEDs provide diagnostic and system status Standard labels included; custom labeling available
    Connection None -
    Rating Adjustable speed control in four mode settings of 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% output -
    CAN Communication Standard CAN-bus messages J1939 and Parker IQAN ICP


    Operating Temperature Range ­25°C to +75°C -
    Storage Temperature Range ­25°C to +75°C -
    Environmental Protection IP66 -


    Modules I-CHIP module makes this a universal transmitter CE approved


    Plug-and-Play Plug-and-play control packages available -
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