Magnetek Enrange Flex EX Series

Radio Remote Controls that Provide a Cost-effective Solution to the Restrictive use of Hardwired Pendants.

Enrange EX Series (two-speed transmitter) radio remote controls are durable and rugged radios that are ideal for use in material handling, overhead crane, mobile hydraulic and industrial applications. Flexible and reliable, these systems are designed to be ergonomic and lightweight, and are available in 4, 6, 8 and 12 button style options to meet all your application needs.

View: Enrange Flex EM Series (single-speed transmitter)

Flex EX 4 6 and 8 12 rcvr._web_rgb

Flex EX 4/6 Receiver, Flex EX 8/12 Receiver

Watch this video: How to Program Magnetek’s Flex EX Series 

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Dimensions (4EX) L 5.43" x W 2.72" x H 1.34" (6EX & 8EX) L 7.244" x W 2.72" x H 1.34", (12EX) L 9.1" x W 2.72" x H 1.34"
Weight (4EX) 6.8 oz. (6EX & 8EX) 8.5 oz., (12EX) 10.4 oz.


Output Contact Rating 250V @ 8 Amps -
Transmitting Power 4EX (1.0mW) 6EX, 8EX & 12EX (0.3mW)
Operator Voltage DC 3.0V -
Responding Time 60 Milliseconds (average) -
Antenna Impedance 50 ohms -
Frequency Control Synthesize PLL (Phase Lock Loop) -
Transmitting Range >100 meters / 300 feet -
Encoder & Decoder Microprocessor-controlled -


Operating Temperature Range -25°C to +75°C -
Enclosure Type NEMA-4X -
Environmental Protection IP66 Fully sealed receiver enclosure


Frequency Range 433-434 MHZ -
Frequency Deviation 12.5 KHz -
Number of Channels 62 channels -
Modulation Digital frequency modulation Based on Manchester Code, 20bit address, 32bit CRC Parity Check and Hamming Code


Mobile Industrial Applications -


Lift System -
Mobile Crane -
Mobile Straddle Crane -

Market Applications

Lift System

This material handling lift system is used in automated warehouse applications to move material from floor to floor similar to […] Read More

Mobile Crane

This mobile crane has been modified for railroad track maintenance. The crane is positioned over the tracks, then guide wheels […] Read More

Mobile Straddle Crane

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