Joral SINC

One Indiviudal 3- Axis Incline Sensor with True Angle Change.

Joral 3-Axis inclinometers are rated IP69K and report true angle change relative to set home via J1939 regardless change from installed orientation. The sensor’s solid-state circuit processes raw inclinometer data with 3D vector math in real time to report accurate angle change across all three axis of rotation (X, Y and Z).

The SINC & DINC utalize a LED bubble display which shows change in X, Y, and level OK status. Automotive grade epoxy provides total encapsulation and IP69K weatherproofing while allowing a clear view of the LED status indicators. The Joral SINC is packaged as one individual 3-axis inclinometer which communicates true position relative to home via J1939.

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Housing Style Rectangular tabbed ­-
Housing Material Plastic or anodized aluminum High temperature applications
Measuring Angle 360º x, y, and z ­-
Height Plastic - 1.0" Aluminum - contact GSGR
Length Plastic - 3.0" (with tabs) Aluminum - contact GSGR
Width Plastic -1.5" Aluminum - contact GSGR
Mounting Tabs 0.187 diameter holes


Input 6 to 30Vdc (90mA) ­-
Output B-1939 J1939, addressable, 3-axis reporting
Electrical Protection Analog Contact GSGR to build custom analog signal
Connections Over-voltage, reverse-voltage, output short-circuit protected ­-
LED Indicators M12, M12 pigtail, flying lead cable, shielded flying lead, or Deutsch - 4 or 6 pin Sealing dependent on connector
Resolution Power, J1939 communication status, level status and x / y level condition ­-


Operating Temperature Range −40°C to +80°C ­-
Storage Temperature Range −40°C to +90°C ­-
Humidity 100% ­-
Environmental Protection IP69K Connection dependent
Vibration 5 to 3000 Hz, 20g (MIL TD 202) ­-
Shock 400g/6ms (MIL STD 202) ­-


Diagnostic/LEDS/Display Yellow / Red status LED LED indicator shows different modes. Internal diagnostics; module performs a number of self-checks that improve safety
Processor 32-bit (144 MHz) Computational capacity allowing for high speed control loops
Software IQANdesign Platform Signals can be selected and the parameters configured using IQAN software
Other Real-time clock (RTC) Data logging functions

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