Joral PE30

1.2″ (30.5mm), Non-Contact Rotary ProxEncoder™.

The Joral PE30 is a compact IP69K, non-contact rotary encoder that is extremely compact in design and is J1939 capable. Patented true non-contact position sensing; 0.5″ (12mm) gap between sensor and application,0.10″ (2.5mm) center alignment ,30° planar tilt ,LED indicators for power and output feedback with incremental or absolute position. Outputs: Quadrature, Step and Direction, SSI, PWM, Analog, Modicon MODBUS, & J1939 CAN-bus.

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Range Continuous or scaled -
Housing Material Aluminum or stainless steel Corrosion resistant
Size - -
Height 30.5mm (1.2 inch) 47,2mm ( 1,86 inch) w/ M12 connector
Length - -
Width 30mm (1.2 inch) diameter -
Mounting 30mm thread Standard proximity switch thread style
Weight 1.0 oz without mounting nuts 2.2 oz w/ mounting bolts


Input 6 to 30Vdc Approx 60mA, not including output loads
Output PPR- incremental 13 bit quadrature single ended output. PPR- Incremental 13 bit quadrature with differential output. J1939 13 bit @1000 positions std. (8192 max special), voltage out 0-5Vdc and 4-20mAmp. PWM and SSI also available Reference pdf document for full detail
Electrical Protection - Connection dependent
Over-Voltage Y -
Reserve-Voltage Y -
Output Short-Circuit Protected Y -
Connections Terminal plug, M8, M12 pigtail, flying lead cable, sheilded flying lead, or deutsch -4 or 6 pin -
LED Indicators Y For power and output feedback
Resolution 0.3° -


Operating Temperature Range −30°C to +80°C -
Storage Temperature Range −40°C to +90°C -
Humidity 100% -
Protection Class IP69K (connector dependent) -
Vibration 5 to 3000 Hz, 20g (MIL STD 202) -
Shock 400g/6ms (MIL STD 202) -


Diagnostic/LEDS/Display - -
Processor - -
Software - -
Other - -

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