Joral LZ

Absolute Non-Contact Linear Transducer.

The Joral LP/LZ series non-contact linear sensors are IP69K wire-less boom extension/ linear position devices that eliminate the common faults which occur with conventional string pot/wire reel measurement devices.

Using a sealed magnetic track and a hall effect array the LP/LZ non-contact linear position devices detect linear extension in 1/4″ to 1″ resolutions. Made to replace the typical wire-reel found on booms and outriggers, the CAN J1939 linear sensors are IP69k and perform in the harshest environments.

The Joral magnetic non-contact linear sensor eliminates the need for wire reel devices that are prone to freeze, snap, or disconnect recoil. String pot mechanical extension devices can cost hours in wasted service time, but the Joral LP/LZ series are designed modular for simple installation and service.

The Joral LP30 is the compact incremental solution, while the LZBM and LZXS provide an absolute J1939 solution. The absolute LZ sensors are able to detect motion while powered down and upon restart reports absolute change from defined homed position.

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    Range Miles Track length dependent
    Housing Material Aluminum housing with magnetic strips fully potted Body of anodized aluminum or stainless steel
    Height 44.7mm (1.76mm) -
    Width Ø68 mm (2.68 inches) -
    Mounting 30mm proximity switch-style -
    Weight 8.5 oz 1 oz w/o mounting nuts


    Input 6-30Vdc -
    Output J1939, CAN-Open, Modbus Absolute position zero power
    Over-Voltage -
    Reserve-Voltage -
    Output Short-Circuit Protected -
    Connections M12 , pigtail with M12 Deutsch connector optional
    LED Indicators Power, J1939 communication status -
    Resolution 1/2 inch 1/4 inch optional


    Operating Temperature Range −30°C to +80°C -
    Storage Temperature Range −40°C to +90°C -
    Humidity 100% -
    Environmental Protection IP69K (housing) Connector dependent
    Vibration 5 to 3000 Hz Resists mechanical shock, vibration, temperature, and contaminants
    Shock 400g/6ms ( MIL STD 202) Resists mechanical shock, vibration, temperature, and contaminants


    Mobile -
    Agriculture -
    Forestry -
    Military -
    Construction -
    Mining -
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