Parker IQAN-SV

An Ethernet (IP) Camera that Provides a Vision System to Vehicles Using the Parker IQAN-MD4 Family of Master Display Modules.

The Parker IQAN-SV is a new generation of digital, high-resolution IP camera using an Ethernet video link to work together withParker IQAN-MD4 master displays.

Settings and control of the Parker IQAN-SV camera are easily accomplished by using IQAN software for:

  • Rear view
  • Video size picture scaling
  • Split screen view
  • Easy application logic integration

IQAN-SV_IP camera_datasheet_image

The IQAN-SV camera has plug-and-play functionality and all addressing is handled automatically by IQAN software. There is no need for time-consuming, complex IP address allocation.

IQAN-MD4 and the vision system is expandable to a number of cameras by use of an Ethernet switch. The IQAN-SV camera has 120° field of view, excellent video quality, color, and light sensitivity. The fast frame rate provides a high-quality video stream with no noticeable latency.

The IQAN-SV is designed for outdoor use on mobile machinery. The enclosure is sealed for outdoor use and the camera is robust to handle heavy vibrations and other stresses found in mobile equipment.

The IQAN-SV is fully adjustable to accommodate any mounting location and capture the desired field of view.
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    Start Up Time 4 seconds -
    Video Latency (max) 300 ms -
    Light Sensitivity Response 5.5V/lux-sec Low light feature <0,1 LUX
    Compression MJPEG -
    Lens Horizontal View 120° -
    Dimensions L 100 mm x W 55 mm x D 32.4 mm -


    Voltage Supply 9-32Vdc -
    Current Consumption (typ.) 60 mA (28Vdc) 100 mA (14Vdc)


    Operating Temperature Range (ambient) −40°C to +85°C -
    Storage Temperature Range (ambient) −40°C to +105°C -
    Protection IP67, IP6K9K -


    IQAN Software Plug and play functionality -


    CE Marking 2004/108/EC -
    Weight 0.21 kg -
    Video Latency (max) 300 ms -


    Type Ethernet, 100 base-TX, Auto-MDIX (crossover) -
    Protocols ISO17215, IEEE1722, RTP over UPT, RFC2435 -
    Ethernet 100 Mbps -


    Connector Kit PN# 20085109 -
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