IQAN Modules to PC Communication Cables.

Parker’s IQAN Communication Cables Vary In Length and Consist of a Controller’s Mating Connector or Flying Leads, (pre-assembled with an appropriate PC connection for RS232, USB or ethernet).

Parker’s IQAN communication cables are available for each of the IQAN master controllers and master displays.

The cables are an easy way to quickly interface your PC to an IQAN master via RS232, USB or Ethernet without having to build a custom cable.

The sealed panel mount adapters offered for USB or Ethernet are perfect for building diagnostic connections into a machine harness.

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    Electrical Connection HR30 to USB type B, HR12 to DB9, HR12, HR30 to USB type A, USB type B, RJ45 to M12, M12 to RJ45 jack -

    Features & Benefits

    All connections pre-wired in the mating master and PC connectors -
    Easy to source as a single part number instead of building your own -


    Accessory Type, Part Numbers(s) - -
    - -
    Short flying lead cable wires into IQAN-TOC8 or IQAN-TOC2 connectors to adapt to cable 5030024 Accessory Type: IQAN flying lead RS-232 adapter cable, IQAN-TOC8 or -TOC2 . Electrical Connection: HR12 Part Number: 5030089
    Short cable brings USB connection from back of IQAN-MC2 or -MD3 to a sealed panel mount USB type B port Accessory Type: IQAN flying lead, sealed panel mount USB adapter cable. Electrical Connection: USB Type B Part Number: 5030124
    1.5m ethernet cable for IQAN-MD4 Accessory Type: IQAN-MD4 ethernet cable (1.5m ethernet cable for IQAN-MD4). Electrical Connection: RJ45 to M12 Part Number: 20077780
    Short cable brings ethernet connection from back of IQAN-MD4 to a sealed panel mount ethernet port Accessory Type: IQAN-MD4 sealed panel mount ethernet adapter cable. Electrical Connection: M12 to RJ45 jack Part Number: 20077785
    Short cable brings USB connection from back of IQAN-MDL2 to a sealed panel mount USB type B port Accessory Type: IQAN-MDL2 sealed panel mount USB adapter cable. Electrical Connection: HR30 to USB type B Part Number: 2830014
    1.5m USB cable for IQAN-MDL2 Accessory Type: IQAN-MDL2 USB cable. Electrical Connection: HR30 to USB type A Part Number: 5030110
    1.5m serial cable for IQAN-MDM Accessory Type: IQAN-MDM RS-232 cable. Electrical Connection: HR12 to DB9 Part Number: 5030024


    Mobile -
    Transportation -


    Any Mobile Equipment or Vehicle -
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