Parker IQAN Flying Lead Cables (prototyping cables)

Parker’s IQAN prototyping cables are 2.5 m in length and consist of each controller’s mating connector pre-assembled with numbered, automotive wire, flying leads.

Parker’s IQAN prototyping cables are available for each of the IQAN controllers, display, levers, and joysticks. The cables are an easy way to quickly interface your machine functions to an IQAN controller without having to build a custom harness from scratch. The numbered wires help identify each signal and the 2.5-meter length is perfect for interfacing to other connectors or to a terminal strip when doing a machine prototype.

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Number of Positions 6+12, 42, 6, 16+4+4, 16, 16+4, 16+8, 4, 2, 12, 18, 6+8, 6+8+10+12, 66, 73 -
- -
Accessory Type LC5 to LL adapter cable, IQAN prototype cable, IQAN-TOC2 prototype system cable, IQAN prototype cables -


Features and Benefits: - -
All wires pre-installed in the mating connector -
Easy to source as a single part number to save time for prototypes or service -


Applications Any mobile equipment or vehicle -
These should not be used as part of a production vehicle harness without appropriate protection from environmental stresses added by the user. -
- -
Markets - -
Mobile -
Transportation -

Market Applications

Lift System

This material handling lift system is used in automated warehouse applications to move material from floor to floor similar to […] Read More

Off-road Fork Lift

This off-road fork lift is used to support large building construction projects. The forks can be loaded with up to […] Read More

Mobile Crane

This mobile crane has been modified for railroad track maintenance. The crane is positioned over the tracks, then guide wheels […] Read More


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