Infinitybox™ J1939 Powercell

Intelligent Wiring

The J1939 POWERCELL gives you a modular and flexible power distribution unit. It uses solid-state MOSFETs on each output for rugged and durable control.
You can connect any J1939 input device to the POWERCELL to control the outputs. These include switch panels, touch screens and other J1939 enabled controllers.

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Dimensions, Overall 2" x 6-7/16" x 7-3/16" -
Connection Standard Delphi Packard For simple harnessing


Input Voltage Range - -
12-volt variant 6.0 - 14.2Vdc
14-volt variant 6.0 - 32Vdc
System Operating Voltage 7.0 to 15.8Vdc -
Outputs 10 High-side swithced via MOSFETs
Maximum Current Rating per Output 25-amps -
Maximum Current Rating per POWERCELL 125-amps -
CAN Communication J1939 CAN Network -


Operating Temperature Range −40°C - +125°C -
Environmental Protection IP67 Enclosure and connectors


Diagnostic/LEDS/Display Integrated output LEDs for output status and diagnostics -


Features and Benefits: - -
Simple power distribution through any J1939 input device -
Available for 12 & 24-volt vehicle systems -
10 outputs per each POWERCELL -
Solid-state MOSFET outputs -
Internal fuses for harness protection -
Up to 6 POWERCELLs on one J1939 Network -
Standard automotive connectors for simple harnessing -
Enclosures sealed for mounting flexibility -
Integrated output LEDs for output status anddiagnostics -
Output configuration set by CAN messages sentfrom J1939 input device -

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