GSGR GS07325-xxx

6-Position Under-Plate Mount, Arm Rest and/or Dash.

The GSGR 6-Position CAN Switch Panel is designed to be utilized as an underplate mount. It is utilized in Cab Systems for arm rest and/or dash assemblies for quick and easy fingertip control. This design is easily used for left or right arm pod assemblies. The high intensity LED backlights can be customer specific, and the panel buttons have multi-color options. The silicone buttons have etched and sealed labels set to customer specifications.


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Switch Life 1,000,000 cycles Switch activation force of 200 grams
Connection Deutsch DT Series, M12 plated for alternate sealed connection, Metri-Pack connectors Customer defined connections are available


Input Voltage 9-36Vdc Reference sensor voltage of 5Vdc
Reverse polarity protection to 36Vdc -
Internal over current protection -


Operating Temperature -40 ºC to +85 ºC -
Environmental Protection IP65 -


Communication J1939, CAN-Open ISO 11783

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