GSGR XIO2 Hourglass

24 Inputs, 8 Outputs, J1939 Input/Output, Hourglass Expansion Module.

The XIO2 Hourglass I/O expansion module is a printed circuit board CAN-bus I/O module for applications that require multiple analog and digital inputs, as well as digital outputs. The module is designed to be a node on a CAN-bus, operating at 250 kbps with a 29-bit extended CAN identifier. The XIO2 Hourglass I/O module communicates via J1939 as well as RS-485. Quadrature inputs are available for encoder control.

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Dimensions, overall L 4.5" x W 3.0" x H .83" 2 mounting holes
Connection Multiple connections Potted plastic housing - (refer to product brochure)


Supply Voltage (Vdc) 9-32Vdc Reverse polarity protection
Inputs: Voltage/Frequency/Digital 24 Total 12 digital / 12 analog/digital 12 digital (5 to 32Vdc) 12 configurable as analog (0 to 5V) or digital (V)
Outputs: Proportional/Digital 8 Digital Low amp: 500mA output per channel
CAN Communication J1939 250kBytes


Operating Temperature Range −40°C to +80°C -
Storage Temperature Range −40°C to +80°C -
Environmental Protection IP55 Utilized in-cab - all electrical potted. IP rating specified to Molex connector solution


Diagnostic/LEDS/Display Diagnostic LED If an error is detected an LED on the top of the controller flashes a sequence to indicate the nature of the error
Processor PIC microprocessor -
Software C programmed as expansion J1939 module RS-485 option
Other RS-485 communication -

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