Eaton Series 15400 RFRM Rear-fed Fuse & Relay Module

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Eaton now offers a main power distribution module capable of operating in harsh environment applications. Based on the industry standard 2.8mm (mini) footprint, the RFRM can accept plug-in fuses, relays, circuit breakers, resistors and diodes to meet numerous power management requirements. The RFRM is available with multiple internal bussing options, accommodating various OEM wiring requirements.

Efficient power distribution modules that come in a variety of form factors serving applications in marine, construction, agriculture, heavy trucking, specialty vehicles, etc.

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    Mounting #10-32 or M5 x 0.8 available 24 in-lbs max orientation mounting application intended for horizontal to vertical


    Electrical Connectors Output cavaties Hole in back
    Wire Size Accepts #12-22 AWG wire sizes -
    Power Ratings Nominal 12Vdc and 24Vdc systems 100A per bus bar, 200A max
    Plug-in Capacity Up to 10 micro relays and a combination of 40 fuses/circuit breakers 8.1mm CL


    Temperature Rating -40° C to 85° C -
    Ingress Protection IP66 With use of cover and seal


    Internal tether accesory -
    Pptional yellow fuse puller (part #32013BS) -
    RFRM 'stuffed' with components. RFRM sold without components -
    Multiplex option coming soon -

    Features & Benefits

    Material: 94V-0 thermoplastic, plated copper bus bar, silicone rubber gasket, EPDM - internal tether -
    Power ratings: Nominal 12VDC and 24VDC systems, 100A per bus bar, 200A max -
    Plug-in component capacity: Up to 10 micro relays and a combination of 40 fuses/circuit breakers (2.8mm blade / 8.1mm center line) -
    Mounting: #10-32 or M5 x 0.8 available, 24 in-lbs max; max (orientation intended for horizontal to 90°) -
    Wire size: Accepts #12-22 AWG wire sizes -
    Terminals: Delphi Packard 280 Series Metri-Pack® sealed/tang style terminals* -
    Cavity plugs: Delphi Packard 280 Series cavity plug (where output wires are not used), input studs (for bussed version): M8 x 1.25 thread, 70 in-lbs max -


    Ingress Protection rating has been validated with approved panel mounting applications Consult factory for testing procedures -
    Consult factory for an other mounting orientation - -
    Eaton does not supply wires, wire terminals, terminal seals, or cavity plugs - -
    -Consult factory for options including custom labels and replacement accessories - -


    Marine -
    Construction -
    Agriculture -
    Heavy Trucking -
    Specialty Vehicles -
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