Eaton NGR

Full-Sized Rocker Switches, Illuminated & Non-Illuminated, Incandescent bulbs or LEDs, Dependent or Independent Circuits.

The Eaton NGR rocker switches are found in a variety of vehicle-related applications. Offering European styling and ergonomic design while still providing the solid durability needed for the heavy truck industry.

The NGR offers a variety of rocker buttons and indicators with laser-etched or pad-printed icons, insertable lenses and adhesive-backed labels.

Illuminated non-illuminated versions with either incandescent bulbs or LEDs are available in either dependent or independent circuits and in a variety of popular switching circuits.

The standard switch provides splash and dust resistance to IP42. The sealed version is sealed to IP67 when supplied with panel seal. Many options are available with a flexible ordering system.


  • A standard switch provides splash and dust resistance to IP42, while the sealed version is sealed to IP67 when supplied with panel seal.
  • The backlighting technique allows for the legend to appear daylight white or dead-front when non-illuminated, but will change color when illuminated depending on the back-lit color chosen.
  • Two legend areas on the ends of each rocker of sufficient size easily accommodate two lines of four Helvetica Narrow 12-point characters.
  • Rocker snaps on and off the switch, making it easily replaceable.
  • Specifications
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    Mechanical Life 250,000 operations, minimum -
    Contact Mechanism Slow-make/flow-break contact mechanism Butt action contact mechanism designed specifically for use on AC and low voltage DC applications
    Contact Material - Standard Construction Movable-copper allow with silver alloy contact face button Stationary-silver-plated copper alloy with silver alloy contact face button
    Mounting Means Snap-in mounting with plastic bezel -
    Mounting Hole Rectangular panel cutout 1.734 x 0.867 in (44 x 22 mm) -
    Panel Thickness 0.040 to 0.156 in (1.0 to 4.0 mm) Best results obtained between 0.060 and 0.118 in (1.5 and 3.0 mm). On sealed versions, recommended panel thickness between 0.079 and 0.118 in (2.0 and 3.0 mm)
    Terminal Type Standard 0.25 in (6.35 mm) spade, silver-platted copper alloy -


    Electrical Life 200,000 operations, minimum -
    Dielectric 1000V rms, minimum -
    Ratings - -
    15A at 125Vac, 10A at 250 Vac -
    15A at 28 Vdc (14 Vdc rating) -
    - -
    Certifications RoHS, UL® Approvable -
    - -
    Illumination - -
    Incandescent 14 Vdc -
    Incandescent 18 Vdc -
    Incandescent 28 Vdc -
    14 V LED -
    18 V LED -


    Operating Temperature -40° to +185° F IP67 sealed option
    Environmental Protection IP42 standard IP67 sealed option when supplied with panel


    Circuits Special circuits -
    - 1PST, 1PDT, 2PST and 2PDT
    - Maintained and momentary action
    - -
    Common lamp ground jumper for dual lamp units -
    Multiple LEDs for daylight readability -
    Additional colors of rockers, mounting bezels and lenses are available -
    Special ratings -
    Pad-printed legends on lens, rocker and bezel -
    Special lamps and lamp voltages -
    Dry circuit capabilities -
    Custom back-lit legends available -
    Reversing jumpers Internal -
    And more…see brochure for more information or contact GS Global Resources -
    And more…see brochure for more information or contact GS Global Resources -
    You can order assembled switches or the switch base and actuator separately -

    Features & Benefits

    Sealing - -
    Standard switch provides splash and dust resistance to IP42 -
    The sealed version is sealed to IP67 when supplied with panel seal -
    Rocker - -
    The standard actuator for the NGR is a clean, European-styled, two-face rocker made of high-quality thermoplastic material -
    The rocker is replaceable and snaps on and off the switch -
    Both the rocker and the bezel are supplied with an aesthetically pleasing matte finish -
    Different colors are also available, but black is standard -
    Rockers can be ordered separately -
    Lighting - -
    Each switch is capable of accommodating two incandescent light bulbs or LEDs for lighting purposes -
    A lamp or LED can be located at either end of the switch and oriented to be circuit dependent or independent -
    The incandescent bulbs are front replaceable -
    Two lamp or LED voltages, 14 Vdc and 28 Vdc, are standard -
    For additional voltages or colors, consult GS Global Resources -


    Mobile -
    Commercial Vehicle Industry -
    Construction -
    Agriculture -


    Specialty Vehicle Application -
    Motor Couch/Bus -
    Truck -
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