Eaton mVEC Multiplexed Vehicle Electrical Center

CAN Network Oversight for High Power Circuits in Vehicle Power Distribution.

The Eaton Multiplexed Vehicle Electrical Center (mVEC) offers economical CAN Network oversight for high power circuits in vehicle power distribution. Rated at 200 amps, the mVEC can be configured to provide various OEM circuit protection and switching functions, using industry standard fuses, relays, and breakers, with the status and control of each circuit accessible through J1939 CAN-open messages. The mVEC is offered in various standard and customized versions, with custom versions being configured to OEM wiring requirements.

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    Dimensions, overall L 155mm x W 120mm x H 90mm Width and length dimensions are to centerline of mounting points
    Connection Outputs dual color keyed metripak 280 8 pin connector CAN communication connector: AMP SSC 12-position sealed


    Capacity - -
    200A maximum rating -
    30A per output (100A per output connector) -
    Maximum of 12 relays or 32 fuses, or various combinations thereof (unique design configurations may be required) -
    - -
    Supply Voltage (Vdc) 12 or 24V System voltage for relay outputs
    Inputs: Voltage/Frequency/Digital Studded input option: Supports (2) M8 input studs for DC power into VEC power grid 100A max per stud. Accepts up to (2) Copper Bussmann 32004 VEC connectors, (2) terminal (colored/keyed)
    Outputs: Proportional/Digital (2 )Versions: 8 relay / 12 relay output options 30A max per terminal
    CAN Communication (2) CAN SAE J1939 -


    Operating Temperature Range −40°C to +85°C Optional +105 degree C available
    Storage Temperature Range −40°C to +85°C -
    Environmental Protection IP66 Silicon and Gore-Tex gasketing


    Diagnostic/LEDS/Display System fuses for line safety Failed relay notification via J1939
    Other Real time monitoring of relay and fuse status Notification via J1939


    Features and Benefits: - -
    The mVEC acts as a slave module on a J1939 network communicating via the vehicle data bus with the master controller -
    Functionality as a node in existing vehicle networks is available today with plans for limited stand-alone capability planned for the future -
    Features include relay control as well as diagnostic reports for fuses, relays and circuit breakers via the vehicle’s CAN-bus -
    Both 12 & 24V functionality is available along with high-side & low-side control -
    - -
    Materials - -
    Housing and connector cavities UL 94 V-0 rated thermoplastic
    Internal power grid Tin-plated copper
    CAN circuit board Conformally coated
    - -
    Options - -
    Cover -
    Cover marking -
    Components -
    Standard & customized circuit layouts -
    Standard & custom CAN messages -
    Compression limiters on mounting feet -
    Internal spare fuse holder and socket for fuse extraction tool -


    J1939 Network Communicating via the vehicle data bus with the master controller -


    Applications - -
    Transportation -
    - Custom Controls
    - Off Highway
    - Construction
    - Agriculture
    - Electric Vehicle
    - Transit / Coach
    - Heavy Duty Truck
    - Work Truck
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