Eaton Modular PLCs XC200

The Efficient First Step into Automation for High-Performance Tasks. With Excellent Communication Features.

Eaton XC series can be expanded locally with up to 15 XI/OC modules. All XC-CPU101-XV devices feature a WEB server.The range is well equipped with virtually all you may need, from memory card to integrated field bus. It forms a sound basis for meeting constantly increasing requirements.
The XC100 and XC200 series modular PLCs stand out on account of their highly scalable design. Different CPU performance classes and a wide range of expansion modules are available. An important feature is their ability to be integrated into modern communication systems.
Innovative solutions can be created thanks to the possibility of exchanging data with OPC clients via the Ethernet interface and the integrated web server.

OEMs and end users who prefer using IEC 61131-3-compliant CoDeSys (controller development software) for programming have another PLC option for basic control operations.

The controllers feature integrated RS232 and CAN-Open Fieldbus interfaces as well as an Ethernet interface and optional integral Web server. Ethernet access provides for communications between controllers and data exchange to high-level control systems. With its CoDeSys programming basis and support for multiple communication options, Eaton says the XC series of controllers is interoperable with devices from multiple vendors.

CoDeSys has a range of features for programming, testing and commissioning that help organize program system documentation, diagnostics, and debugging

Integrated Fieldbus

The integrated CAN-Open interface enables the system to be directly coupled to standard CAN-Open Fieldbus participants with a transmission speed of up to 500 kBaud.

Programming via Fieldbus

Lower-level field bus controllers can be programmed from the host controller. This facilitates commissioning, as well as the diagnostics later on

Watch Eaton Video here on Modular PLCs XC100, XC200

  • Specifications
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    Software: - -
    Xsoft-CoDeSys programming software Leading hardware independent IEC 61131-3 development system under Windows for programming and creating controller applications


    Features and Benefits: - -
    Flexible Range -
    - Compact and modular CPU versions to suit the needs of the application
    - With or without on-board Ethernet and/or built-in web server
    - Range of CPU performance
    - Integrated CAN-Open interface for easy integration with XI/ON remote I/O
    - -
    High Performance: - -
    Parallel backplane bus for faster processing speed -
    Fiber optic CAN-Open interface for environments with severe electromagnetic interference -
    High performance XC202 CPU with: -
    - 10/100 Mibit Ethernet
    - Xsoft-CoDeSys programming software
    - -
    Inputs/outputs -
    - 8 digital inputs
    - 6 digital outputs
    Memory card SD
    Expandability up to 15 XIOC modules
    Integrated fieldbus CAN-Open (500 kBaud)
    OPC server yes
    Further interfaces RS232
    XC-CPU101-C64K-8DI-6DO -
    - Program memory: 64 kByte
    - Data memory: 64 kByte
    XC-CPU101-C128K-8DI-6DO -
    - Program memory: 128 kByte
    - Data memory: 128 kByte
    XC-CPU101-FC128K-8DI-6DO -
    - With optical CAN interface - 128 kByte
    XC-CPU101-C256K-8DI-6DO -
    - Program memory: 256 kByte
    - Data memory: 256 kByte


    Excellent communication features -


    Standards and Certifications: - -
    IEC—UL508; CSA-C22.2 -
    No. 0-M; CSA-C22.2 -
    No. 142-M; CE marking -
    UL File No.—E135462 -
    CSA File No. 012528 -
    CSA Class No. 2252-01 -
    NA Certification— -
    UL Listed -
    CSA certified/cUL -
    RoHS -
    - -
    Application: - -
    High peformance Excellent communication features
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