Eaton LS-Titan Safety

Affordable.  Functional. Safe with a Versatile Offering.

Eaton’s LS-Titan Safety Limit Switches offer economically insulated plastic or rugged metal enclosures designed for worldwide applications. Modular, plug-in operating heads and bodies make LS-Titan a flexible switching solution. These switches are suitable for use in safety applications designed to protect workers or processes.

Eaton’s LS-Titan safety interlock switches have been specifically designed for monitoring the position of protective guards, such as doors, flaps, hoods and grilles. All switches in this family are safety-rated, include positively opening NC contacts, and cannot be defeated using simple tools,  such as pliers, screwdriver, and nails.
The LS-Titan safety interlock family is comprised of three types of safety switches: key interlock, door-flap, and door-hinge switches.

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Housing Style - -
Housing Material - -
Measuring Angle - -
Height - -
Length - -
Width - -
Mounting - -


IP65 degree of protection -


Operating Temperature Range - -
Storage Temperature Range - -
Humidity - -
Environmental Protection - -
Vibration - -
Shock - -


Diagnostic/LEDS/Display - -
Processor - -
Software - -
Other - -


Features: - -
Broad family of safety interlock switches in industry-standard enclosure sizes: miniature DIN; full-size DIN; and larger, solenoid key interlocks providing the highest degree of personnel and process protection -
Large selection of actuators (keys), including those for sliding doors, swing doors and doors that do not close precisely -
Miniature DIN models have a five-way adjustable head, while full-size DIN models have four-way adjustable heads -
Fully safety-rated as interlocking devices per EN 1088, with safety function by positive opening contacts per IEC/EN 60947-5-1 -
Door-flap and door-hinge safety switches provide a unique solution when actuators (keys) cannot be used -


Options: Can be ordered as separate components or as completely assembled switches -
Screw and Cage Clamp connections available -
Standards and Certifications: - -
UL® listed -
CSA® approved -
Positive opening NC contacts per EN 60947-5-1 -


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