Eaton General Purpose – AC/DC Rated

For Small Motor Switch Applications.

Eaton AC/DC Rated General Purpose Toggles are available in one or two-pole design and are constructed of Thermoset molding base material. These switches are especially suited for use in small motor applications. The AC/DC Rated General Purpose line of switches for use in small motor applications employs a Quick-make/Quick-break contact mechanism. The resultant high-speed movement eliminates the “teasing” of the switch and reduces the pitting of the contact surfaces due to arcing. Self-cleaning and wiping contact action assures positive contact on switch operation.

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Contact Mechanism Quick-make/quick-break wiping action -
Contact Material Bronze silver-plated -
- -
Terminal Types - -
Screw terminals—brass designed to accept #5-40 x 5/32 in (Cat. No. 11-26) screws -
Furnished unassembled -
Solder lug terminals—brass silver-plated with 0.085–0.090 in (2.16–2.29 mm) dia. hole -
Integrated wire leads—18 gauge, 6 in long and skinned 3/4 in -
Special wire leads lengths beyond 6 in are available at additional charge -
- -
Base Material Thermoset molding material -
- -
Mounting Means - -
Threaded bushing—0.468 in (11.89 mm) dia., 32 threads/inch -
Keyway—0.068 x 0.035 in (1.73 x.89 mm) deep, provides anti-rotation feature -
Hardware supplied—1 hexagon locknut (Cat. No. 15-192) and 1 bright nickel-plated knurled facenut (Cat. No. 15-124F1) -
Furnished unassembled -


Circuits - -
1PST, 1PDT, 2PST, 2PDT, -
Maintained and momentary toggle action -


Operating Temperature Range –17.8°C to 65.6°C -


Features: - -
High-speed movement of contact mechanism eliminates “teasing” of the switch and reduces pitting of the contact surfaces due to arcing -
Bright nickel-plated finish on toggle lever and bushing provides added protection -
Hardware can be supplied, eliminating additional costs of purchasing components -
0.068 x 0.035 in (1.73 x 0.89 mm) deep keyway provides anti-rotation feature -
Self-cleaning and wiping contact action assures positive contact on switch operation -
- -
Options: - -
Integrated wire leads -
Screw terminals -
Solder lug terminals -
Special wire lead lengths -
Lever - 11/16 in -
Lever seal -
Mounting hardware; furnished assembled -
Other lead lengths -
- -
Finish Bright nickel-plated toggle lever and bushing -


Standards and Certifications - -
UL recognized -
CSA Certified -
RoHS Compliant -


Mobile -
Industrial -


Flexibility to meet the needs of almost any small application -
Vehicle Controls -
Commerical Controls -

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