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Eaton AC Rated General Purpose sealed toggle switches are available from one to four-pole design. These AC rated toggle switches offer the widest selection of features and the design flexibility to meet a variety of applications. AC Rated General Purpose Toggles are constructed of thermoset molding material for base material and are available with both short and tall bushing, and short or tall bat levers. These toggles are available with either a white or black nylon designer lever, whichever suits your color matching needs. Hardware is furnished assembled, and users can rotate the keyway a full 180 degrees.

  • Specifications
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    Contact Mechanism Slow-make/slow-brake butt contact -
    - -
    Contact Material - -
    Ampere Movable | Stationary
    7500, 7600, 7700 and 7900 Series Switches -
    3 to 6 Silver-plated cooper | Silver-plated cooper
    10 to 20 Silver-plated cooper with silver buttons | Silver-plated copper with silver buttons
    20 to 30 Silver-plated copper with cad oxide buttons | Copper with cad oxide buttons
    7800 Series Switches -
    3 to 6 Silver-plated copper | Silver-plated copper
    10 to 20 Copper with silver buttons | Copper with silver buttons
    - -
    Terminal Types - -
    Screw terminals—brass designed to accept #6-32x 3/16 binding head (Cat. No. 811-2) screws -
    Furnished unassembled -
    Solder lug terminals - tintillate-plated brass -
    Spade terminals—combi-term—brass -
    - -
    Base Material Thermoset molding material -
    - -
    Mounting Means - -
    Threaded bushing—0.468 in (11.89 mm) dia., 32 threads/in -
    Keyway—0.068 x 0.035 in (1.73 x 0.89 mm) deep, provides anti-rotation feature -
    Hardware supplied—1 hexagon locknut (Cat. No. 15-192) and 1 bright nickel-plated knurled facenut -
    (Cat. No. 15-124F1), except 7700–7705, which have bright nickel hexagon facenut (Cat. No. 15-966-2) -
    Furnished unassembled -


    Circuits - -
    1PST, 1PDT, 2PST, 2PDT, 3PST, 3PDT, 4PST and 4PDT -
    Maintained and momentary -
    - -
    Dielectric Withstand 1000V rms minimum -
    Ratings Refer to brochure; Switch ratings at 125Vac also apply to 28Vdc -


    Operating Temperature Range –17.8° C to 65.6°C -


    Features: - -
    “Combi-Term” design allows users the option of screw terminals, 0.25 in Quick Connects or solder termination all on the same switch -
    Bright nickel-plated finish on toggle lever and bushing provides added protection -
    Hardware can be supplied, eliminating additional costs of purchasing components -
    Butt action contact mechanism allows for slow make/slow break contact -
    Silicone rubber lever seal resists the entrance of contaminants into the contact structure -
    Refer to brochure for a list of features by series -
    - -
    Options: - -
    Combi-term termination -
    Screw terminals -
    Solder lug terminals -
    Spade terminal -
    Combi-term Option Ref to brochure
    - -
    Finish Bight nickel-platted toggle lever and bushing - -


    Standards and Certifications - -
    UL® recognized -
    CSA® certified (except as noted) -
    RoHS Compliant 1 -


    Mobile -
    Commercial -


    Flexibility to meet the needs of almost any application -
    Vehicle Control Solutions -
    Commercial Control Solutions -
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