Eaton E32_esm Multiplexed Rocker

Above-Panel Electronic Multiplex Switch Module.

The Eaton_esm Multiplexed Rocker offers a high level of flexibility, the above-panel electronic multiplex switch module (eSM E32) covers your wide range of switch and indicator applications using standard or custom graphics, as well as a full range of circuits and illumination options. The above panel eSM E32 has top, center, and bottom LED lighting with software that offers advanced circuit and lighting flexibility, including dimming and flashing options via J1939 CAN-bus communication.


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    Increase in Switch Life-Cycle Over Traditional Electromechanical Switches (500k cycles) - -
    Wiring - -
    Master Module Wire Harness -
    - The interconnection between master module and controller uses a simple four-wire harness with addressing specified by jumping between pins 6 to 9
    - An additional pin-out is provided for a 500 mA output if required
    Mating Connector Information -
    - Housing
    - ETN 28-6982
    - Amp/Tyco #1394048-1
    - ETN 49-7867
    - Amp/Tyco #2-1355524-3
    Expansion Module Wire Harness -
    - The interconnection between modules uses a cost-effective three-wire harness. This simplified wire harness reduces cost, weight, and assembly labor for the end-user
    Mating Connector Information -
    - Terminal
    - ETN 28-6983
    - Amp/Tyco #1-1718346-1 Coding A
    - ETN 80-20608
    - Amp/Tyco #963715-1
    - -
    - -
    - -


    Operating Voltage - -
    9-16Vdc -
    16-32Vdc -
    Immune to SAE J1455 and J1113 Power Disturbances - -


    EEnvironmental Protection IP53 From the front


    Features and Benefits - -
    LED lighting in top, center and bottom positions -
    Late point definition of circuit and rockers to reduce inventory and accommodate multiple application requirements -
    Easy address assignment -
    Front panel removable for ease of maintenance -
    Sleep mode available to reduce current draw on the battery -
    Wake on switch change configurable -
    Decorative-style rocker with matching indicator option available -
    Colored rocker options -
    CAN controlled digital logic output-500 mA -


    Applications - -
    On-Road Specialty Vehicles -
    EMS Venicles -
    Street Sweepers -
    Recreational Vehicles -
    Motor Coach/Bus -
    Refuse Vehicles -
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