Eaton E31_esm Keypad Multiplexed

Flexible and Sealed Solution for High-Density Switch Requirements in Severe Environments.

Offering an increased degree of sealing to IP68 from the front and rear of the module, the keypad electronic multiplex switch module (eSM E31) meets severe environment applications with exceptional operator feedback; tactile, audible and visual with up to four independent indicator LEDs.



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Electrical / Mechanical Life 1,000,000 cycles -
Load Dump - -
SAE J1455: 100V/12V systems -
SAE J1113/11: 174V for 24V systems -
Mechanical Shock 30g for 11 msec -
Handling Drop 1m -
Mating Connector - -
Deutsch DT series connector -
6-pin connector: DT06-6S EP11 (Black-Master), E008 (Gray-Expansion)


Operational Voltage 9-32Vdc -
Immunity per SAE J1455/1113 - -
Power disturbance -
Radiated immunity -
Radiated emissions -


Operating Temperature Range –40° to 85°C -
Storage Temperature Range –40° to 95°C -
Environmental Protection IP68 From front and rear of module


Features and Benefits - -
Rocker and keypad expansion module capability -
Exceptional illumination characteristics -
- LED backlighting of icons
- Four color daylight-visible indicators per switch
- Message-controlled dimming and flash rates
Large switch surface area and alignment ridges for ease of gloved hand use -
Exceptional tactile and audible feedback of switch actuation -
Advantages - -
Reduced assembly labor due to ease of installation, allowing for mounting and connection of eight switches at one time as opposed to individually -
Reduced wire harness complexity; uses one harness to a controller, reducing wiring, connection point, and controller requirements -
Reduced harness size offers an overall reduction in weight, improving operational efficiency of the equipment -
Increased in life-cycle over traditional electromechanical switches -
Front, rear, and panel sealing for harsh environments -


Commerical -
Mobile -


Tractors -
Wheel Loaders -
Refuse Vehicles -
Concrete Mixers -
Street Sweepers -
Mining Equipment -
Emergency Vehicles -
Transit Buses -

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