Eaton Compact PLC XC-152

Cost-Effective Solution for High-Performance PLC Applications with Varying Interface Needs.

The XC-152 features a powerful PLC, combined with an integrated SmartWire-DT master and a variety of additional interfaces. Users can implement innovative automation solutions due to the XC-152’s ability to exchange data either via an Ethernet interface to OPC clients or via an integrated WEB server.

The XC-152, featuring a compact design, is a cost-effective solution for high-performance PLC applications with varying interface needs. The XC-152 uses Windows CE 5 as its operating system and features a 32-bit 400 MHz RISC CPU. An internal 64 MB memory unit (OS, program, data) is complemented by an SD slot for external storage. Also, the XC-152 features an on-board run/stop switch, Ethernet interface, and USB host. The following options are available: a CAN-Open (master/slave) or PROFIBUS (DP/MPI master) interface and a SmartWire-DT master device. Finally, this compact PLC with a WEB/remote server features an RS232 and/or RS485 port depending on the communication port version being used.

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    Device - -
    Basic: - -
    1 Slot for 1 SD card -
    Integrated Interfaces: - -
    1 × Ethernet 100/10 -
    1 × USB Device -
    1 × USB Host -
    Communication interfaces -
    Windows CE Core 5.0 (incl.) -
    Software - -
    SWD-Assist Located updates or full versions for download on
    - -


    Features: - -
    The following models are available: -
    - XC-152-E3-11 SmartWire-DT, RS232
    - XC-152-E6-11 SmartWire-DT, CAN, RS485
    - XC-152-E8-11 SmartWire-DT, DP, RS485
    - XC-152-D6-11 CAN, RS485, RS232 und
    - XC-152-D8-11 DP, RS485, RS232
    - -
    Further Features: - -
    OS: Windows CE 5 -
    Processor: 32Bit RISC CPU @ 400 MHz -
    OS-, program and data memory: 64 MB -
    Ethernet interface on board -
    External memory: 1 x SD card -
    SmartWire-DT interface depending on type -
    Communication interfaces depending on type: RS232, RS485, Profibus/MPI and CANopen/easyNet -
    RUN / STOP switch -
    CoDeSys PLC and WEB visualization -
    Supports Galileo -


    Options: Variety of communication options -
    Communication Interfaces: - -
    CAN, RS485 and RS232 XC-152-D6-11
    Profibus, RS485 and RS232 XC-152-D8-11
    SmartWire-DT and RS232 XC-152-E3-11
    SmartWire-DT, CAN, and RS485 XC-152-E6-11
    SmartWire-DT, Profibus and RS485 XC-152-E8-11


    SmartWire-DT - -
    The XC-152 is the ideal solution for users involved in modular machine building with standardized automation. Featuring an integrated SmartWire-DT master, the XC-152 boasts extraordinary performance with a variety of communication options. SmartWire-DT is particularly valuable when implementing Eaton's Lean Automation concept, which offers several significant advantages as part of the company's Lean Solutions strategy. With SmartWire-DT, the I/O layer is integrated directly into the switchgear, enabling the PLC to use SmartWire-DT to directly access digital and analogue data from the control circuit device all the way to the circuit-breaker. This eliminates the need for a separate gateway and I/O layer, reducing the number of components and engineering effort and enabling users to create flexible automation solutions. Eaton calls this concept "Lean Automation" and uses it to provide users in the machine building and plant engineering industries with unparalleled freedom, ensuring creative and profitable solutions. Today, modular, cost-effective solutions are increasingly relying on high-performance PLCs (such as the XC-152) with an external HMI as an alternative to combined HMI PLCs. This solution is future-proof, since it makes it even easier to implement application expansions and modifications with greater flexibility. Direct access, visualization, and data transparency are all achieved with an Ethernet connection; users can choose the WEB visualization or the remote server with the XC-152. Moreover, a platform design enables engineers to re-use successful solutions and existing know-how More about SmartWire-DT visit our Product Section on our Website under Controls, Connectivity Solutions
    Application: - -
    Lean Automation Ideal for users involved in modular machine building with standardised automation
    High-Performance PLC Applications with Varying Interface Needs -
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    Plant Automation (Eaton)

    Location: Mundelsheim, Germany Segment: Materials Handling | Mining Problem: Early detection of overloads on conveyor belt drives, prevention of plant […] Read More

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