Danfoss VLT® Soft Starter MCD 500

Effectively Protect Motors While Saving Energy.

A comprehensive solution for soft starting and stopping of three-phase asynchronous motors that increases uptime and reduces maintenance requirements.

By integrating soft starters with AC motors, you can save energy, space, and costs and increase the lifetime of your system by reducing wear on motors, power cables, and the electrical distribution system. And there is no need to consider filters and screened cables, as soft starters generate zero harmonics.



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    Supply Voltages and Power Range: - -
    3 x 200-690 V...7.5-850/2400* kW (1600 A) -
    *Inside delta connection -
    24Vdc or 110-240Vac -


    PC Tools - -
    WinStart -
    VLT® Motion Control Tool MCT 10 -


    Features and Benefits: - -
    Easy connectivity for the soft starter to EtherNet/IP-based networks, such as Rockwell PLC systems -
    Programming is quick and easy thanks to three menu systems (Quick Menu, Application Setup and Main Menu), a four-line graphical display and a logic keypad -
    The best starting and stopping profile for the application is chosen using Adaptive Acceleration Control -
    Motors can be used to their full potential without risk of damage from overloading due to second-order thermal model -
    Installation costs are lower and there is less stress on the motor thanks to DC injection braking distributed evenly over three phases -
    Space can be saved, cabling costs reduced and retrofitting made easier as a result of adjustable bus bars which allow for both top and bottom entry -


    Power Size 7.5-850 kW -
    Start/Stop Adaptive Acc. Cont. (AAC) -
    Protection 19 features -
    Outputs 3 programmable outputs -
    Control 8 language graphical display -
    Options Fieldbus/remote display and PC software -
    Initial Cost Indexed 3.1 -
    - -
    Technical Data: - -
    Refer to brochure -


    Centrifugal Pumps and Fans -
    Conveyors -
    Crushers -
    Grinders -
    Mixers -
    Compressors -
    Centrifuges -
    Mills and Saws -
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