Curtiss-Wright’s WM-830

48.5° Non-Contact, Rotary Position Sensor.

The Curtiss-Wright’s  WM-830 is a cost-effective rotary sensor utilizing proven Hall-effect technology to ensure accurate and reliable measurement of angular position. Mechanical engagement with the rotating portion of the sensor is via a slotted cavity, while the electrical output span corresponds to a rotation of 48.5° . Operation is from a 5V supply, typically derived from the electronic control unit to which the sensor is connected. Dual on-board circuits are electrically isolated from each other, so providing truly independent voltage outputs – one at 50% the level of the other – thereby allowing the host electronics to detect output errors. Further integrity is provided as the outputs enter pre-defined states in the event of connection errors to the sensor.

PWM output options are also available on request.

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Measurement Angle 48.5° Common for may electronic throttle pedal designs
Height 77.22 mm -
Length 26.05 mm -
Width 43.5 mm -
Connection Industry-standard, Packard Electric ' Metric-Pack' 150 series Offers high-reliability performance across all operating conditions
Mechanical Validation Full Stroke Cycles 10 million
Cycle Rate 2Hz


Analog Voltage Circuit Operational supply voltage (Vcc1, Vcc2) 4.5-5.5V
Non-operational supply voltage (Vcc1, Vcc2) 24V to -12V
Supply current 15mA
Output current 15mA


Operating Temperature Range −40C to +85°C -
Storage Temperature Range −40C to +105°C -
Thermal Cycle / Stress SAE J1455 -40°C to 85°C -
Thermal Shock −40C to +85°C -
Humidity 120 hour exposure at 95% humidity from 27°C to 75°C -
Vibration Random broadband 5-500Hz, 4G -
Salt Fog ASTM B-117 96 hour exposure -
Dust Exposure 24 hour exposure cycles -
Chemical Exposure Diesel fuel, brake fluid, anti-freeze and plastic protectant exposure -
Mechanical Shock SAE J1455 one meter drop to concrete -
EMI Resistance SAE J1113-1 and E-mark compliant -




Custom Options Contact GS Global Resources for details -
Measurement angle 15-360°

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