Curtiss-Wright WM-580

Customization without Compromise.

The Curtiss-Wright (Product Brand: William Controls) WM-580 CAN Joystick from is a hand-operated device which allows movement on a single or dual axis. It comes in over 50 variants, thus meets a range of application needs. The WM-580 joystick is designed from the base up as a clean sheet solution to today’s mobile vehicle demands, and takes a no compromise attitude to punishing field conditions. This is the end result of countless hours of operator use analysis, ergonomic studies and endurance testing. Joystick bases are available in either a left or right hand version. The product is available in either a left or right hand version. Both right and left hand versions are available with or without a trigger, with or without a thumbwheel, and up to six pushbuttons mounted on the button panel. Base only configurations with wire harnesses are available which can accept a trigger and up to six pushbuttons or a thumbwheel with a trigger and up to four pushbuttons.

Ergonomically shaped

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    Size: (S) Small, (M) Medium, (L) Large Full hand grip; left or right Left and right are specific
    Maximum Height Above Flange 225mm ­-
    Maximum Grip Diameter 61mm ­-
    Number of Actuators - Content varies upon selection
    On/Off Actuators 6 ­-
    Rocker Switches 3 maximum -
    Proportional Push Buttons 4 maximum -
    Proportional Rocker Switches 2 maximum -
    Proportional Sliders 3 maximum -
    Trigger/Operator Presence Single -
    Front or Side Buttons - -
    Expected Life (Operations) 1,000,000 -


    Supply Voltage (Vdc) 9-32Vdc Product specific
    AMP Rating Switch dependent Note: Wire thru handles are 22 AWG. Maximum recommended amperage is 3 AMPS
    CAN Control Not currently developed ­-
    Supply Voltage (Vdc) ­- ­-
    Protocol ­- ­-
    Communication ­- ­-
    Connection ­- ­-


    Operating Temperature Range −40°C to +85°C Actuators will have their own specific temperature rating
    Storage Temperature Range −40°C to +85°C Actuators will have their own specific temperature rating
    Environmental Protection IP65 ­-
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