Curtiss-Wright SRS280

Sealed Rotary Sensor, Angles From 10 to 350º –  in 10º Increments, Crush-Proof Mounting Flange with Steel Inserts, Choice of Three Shaft Attachments.

The Curtiss-Wright (Product Brand: Penny & Giles), SRS280 sealed rotary sensor and the SRS880 submersible rotary sensors are manufactured to provide maximum performance under extremes temperature, humidity, vibration, shock, and immersion.

Specially developed to meet the harsh operating requirements of today´s automotive and motorsport markets, with some innovative design features incorporated to overcome the shortcomings of existing products from other manufacturers.

  • Angles from 10 to 350° in 10° increments
  • Crush-proof mounting flange with steel inserts
  • Choice of three shaft attachments
  • The duplex-shaft bearing support system
  • Integrally molded sheathed cable assembly
  • Cable length 0.5m or 2m
  • Sealed to IP50 or IP68
  • Rapid availability – we can supply any one of 35 different angles, three shaft styles, two sealing options and two cable options – 420 different sensor configurations – all available faster than our competitors.

The SRS280 uses the proven long life Penny & Giles hybrid potentiometer track technology (conductive plastic on the wire), providing high stability under extremes of temperature and humidity, with virtually infinite resolution and a life in excess of 20-million operations.

  • Specifications
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    Mechanical Angle 360, continuous -
    Mounting Use 2 x M4 socket head cap screws and M4 washer - maximum tightening torque 2Nm -
    - -
    Operating Torque Maximum - -
    Unsealed Shaft IP50 gm cm 100
    Sealed Shaft IP68 gm cm 120
    - -
    Shaft Velocity Maximum */sec 3000 -
    Weight g 32 (cable otion A) 64 (cable option B0
    Phasing When shaft flat (or shaft ident mark) is facing the cable exit, wiper is at mid travelWhe The sensor housing allows for ±10º adjustment via the mounting flange slots


    Electrical Angle ±2 ° 10 TO 350 in 10° increments -
    Resistance ±50% Ω 14.3 per degree -
    Hysteresis (repeatability) < 0.03 -
    Accuracy < 1 degree e.g. ±0.3% over 330°, ±1% over 100°
    Power Dissipation at 20°C W 0.003 W per angular degree -
    Applied Voltage Maximum (Vdc) 0.2 per angular degree -
    Resolution Virtually infinite -
    Output Smoothness To MIL-R-39023 grade C 0.1% -
    Insulation Resistance Greater than 100MΩ at 500Vdc -
    Operating Mode Voltage divider only See circuit recommendation - Refer to brochure
    Wiper Circuit Impedance Minimum of 100 x track resistance or 0.5MΩ Whichever is greater


    Life - -
    Unsealed shaft IP50 Exceeds 20 million operations (10 x 10° cycles) of ±75°
    Sealed Shaft IP68 20 million operations (10 x 10° cycles) of ±75°
    - -
    Dither Life 200 million operations (100 x 10° cycles) of ±3°, 60Hz -
    Operational Temperature (°C) -40°C to +130°C (continuous) -
    Vibration RTCA-DO16OD, 10Hz to 2000Hz (random), 12.61t rms - all axes -
    Shock Survival to 2500g - all axes -


    Electrical Angle Can be supplied from 10° to 350° in 10° increments -
    Shaft Style D section, sprung shaft (S)) 2.4mm blade shaft (H)
    Shaft Sealing IP50 or IP68 -
    Cable Length 0.5m or 2m -

    Features & Benefits

    Features Benefits
    Electrical angles from 10 to 350° Maximum sensitivity in all applications
    Rugged housing and shaft design Suitable for extreme environments
    Sealing up to IP68M Operation in hostile environments including submersion
    Crush-proof mounting flange Allows re-use without damage
    Choice of two shaft attachments Interchangeable with existing installations
    Duplex shaft bearing support Optimum performance under vibration
    Cable integrally moulded Secure sealing with excellent strain relief
    M12 connector Easty installation with mating cabled socket
    Rapid despatch of any option Eliminates customer inventory
    CE approved Confidence in EMC performance


    Harsh operating requirements -
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