Curtiss-Wright SRH520CN

Contactless, Hall-Effect, Rotary Sensor, CAN-bus Output, Measurement Range 360°

The Curtiss-Wright (Product Brand: Penny & Giles), SRH520CN is a contactless, rotary sensor much like the SRH501/2P model, but with additional integrated electronics to provide a CAN-bus interface according to ISO/DIS 11898.

Model SRH520CN is designed to meet the harsh operating requirements in heavy-duty, industrial position-sensing applications, including construction, agricultural, military and utility vehicles, as well as a variety of uses in steelworks, marine equipment and power generating plants.

  • Contactless – Hall-effect technology
  • J1939 or CANopen output
  • Measurement range 360°
  • 14-bit resolution (0.022°/LSB)
  • CW or ACW output
  • Rugged housing design, in marine-grade aluminum
  • Superior shaft strength
  • Shaft sealing to IP69K; connector sealing to IP67
  • M12 5-pin connector for easy installation
  • World-leading availability

This contactless rotary sensor has shaft side protection to IP69K, with minimum IP67 protection at the rear when the mating connector is attached and fully engaged. The SRH520CN incorporates a 14-bit, non-contact, Hall effect sensor with microprocessor control – offering 0.022° resolution.

  • Specifications
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    Range 360º -
    Housing Material Cast aluminum shafted with lever arm Marine grade aluminum
    Height 70mm 38mm to flange mounting face
    Width 87.5mm diameter -
    Mounting 3 Holes 6.5mm diameter bolt circle 76.0mm Through hole .65mm dia
    Weight <51g -


    Input 9 to 30Vdc (unregulated) and 5 ±0.5Vdc (regulated) A2: 13.5 to 30Vdc (unregulated)
    Output CAN SAE J1939 or CAN-Open 2.0B SRH520CN/J=J1939 / SRH520CN/C=CAN-Open 2.0B
    Over-Voltage Up to 40 (-40 to +60°C)
    Reserve-Voltage -
    Output Short-Circuit Protected Output to supply in 5V regulated mode only
    Connections M12 5 pin -
    Resolution .022º /LSB -


    Operating Temperature Range ­40°C to +85°C (9-27Volt supply) - ­40°C to +80°C (30 V supply) derate upper temperature limit by 1.7°C for every 1V increase above 27Volts
    Storage Temperature Range ­55°C to +125°C -
    Protection Class IP68 - IP69K for shaft seal side and rear cap seal IP67 with connector and cable assy attached
    Vibration BS EN 60068-2-64:1995 Sec 8.4 (31.4gn rms) 20 to 2000Hz Random -
    Shock 3m drop onto concrete and 2500g -
    EMC Immunity Level BS EN 61000-4-3:1999, to 100V/m 80MHz to1GHz and 1.4GHz to 2.7GHz (2004/108/EC)
    Salt Spray BS EN 60068-2-52: 1996 Test Kb Severity 2 (48Hrs)
    Humidity BS En 60068-2-30: 2005 Severity db (55°C, 93%RH)


    J1939 option is factory set, with the following parameters: Direction, Baud Rate, Node ID, Frame rate selected by order code. See brochure
    CAN-open option is partiall customer configurable, See brochure

    Features & Benefits

    Features Benefits
    Contactless - Hall effect technology Long life and impervious to dither vibration
    Integrated CAN interface Avoids cost intensive separte I/O modules
    J1939 or CAN-open output - CAN 2.0B Maximum baud rate of 1Mbit/sec
    14 bit resolution (0.022°/LSB) Maximum sensitivity in all applications
    Rugges housing in marine grade aluminium Suitable for extreme environments
    Superior shaft strength with duplex bearings Optimum performance under vibration and shock
    Shaft sealing to IP68 & IP69K; connector sealing ti IP67 Operation in hostile environments including pressure washing
    M12 connector for easy installation Industry standard connectivity
    Rapid despatch of any option Eliminate customer inventory


    Construction -
    Agriculture -
    Military -


    Designed to meet harsh operating requirements in heavy-duty industrial position sensing applications -
    Utility Vehicles -
    Steelworks -
    Marine Equipment -
    Power Generating Plants -
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