Curtiss-Wright SLS220

22mm Body, Stroke Length 10mm or 20mm Electrical Stroke E – Linear Displacement Sensor.

The Curtiss-Wright (Product Brand: Penny & Giles), SLS220 is a linear position sensor available in stroke lengths of 10mm and 20mm, with a spring-loaded operating shaft.

With a mounting flange to allow easy installation and housed within a high strength Nylatron® housing, providing good chemical resistance and low weight.

    • Spring-loaded shaft with 10 and 20mm stroke range
    • Cable assembly integrally molded
    • Rapid delivery
    • CE approved
    • Replacement for Penny & Giles HLP220 linear potentiometer

Using the proven benefits of Hybrid Track Technology and including a number of unique design features, the SLS320 is ideally suited to high volume OEM manufacturers, where high performance and reliability with competitive pricing and rapid dispatch has paramount importance.

Suited to OEM and process monitoring applications, the Penny & Giles SLS linear position sensors have proved to be the sensors of choice in potentiometric technology.

Used extensively in Motorsport for steering and suspension monitoring and numerous other solutions having limited duty cycles combined with low-cost.

  • Specifications
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    Range 10 or 20mm -
    Housing Material Nylatron Stainless steel shaft
    Height Stroke dependent -
    Length Ø 22.0mm -
    Mounting Clevis With spherical bearings
    Weight Stroke dependent -


    Input Vs max: 8.9V@10mm, 17.9V@20mm Stroke dependent for maximum
    Output Voltage divider Max voltage stroke dependent
    Connections Lead wire 0.3 meter length PUR cable w/PTFE insulated
    Resolution Controller dependent -


    Operating Temperature Range −30°C to +100°C -
    Storage Temperature Range −30°C to +100°C -
    Protection Class IP66 internal Plunger unsealed- refer to brochure
    Vibration 20 million @ 250mm/sec -
    Shock Less than 0.04% change @2500g -

    Features & Benefits

    Features Benefits
    Compact body to stroke length Reduced installation space
    Sealing to IP66 and corrosion resistant rod end bearings Suitable for hostile environments
    Cable integrally molded Excellent strain relief with secure sealing
    Reduced weight Ideal for mobile applications
    Rapid despatch Eliminates customer inventory
    CE approved Confidence in EMC performance


    Hybrid Track The hybrid track comprises a high resistivity conductive plastic film bonded to a precision wire-wound element. The conductive plastic film is wiped by a precious metal contact. The technology provides infinite resolution and a very long life (since the majority of the current still flows in the wire, the carbon content of the conductive plastic film is low, and the film is therefore very hard). Track linearity is very good, temperature coefficient of resistance is low and predictable and resistance stability with change in humidity is excellent. -


    Mobile -
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