Curtiss-Wright JC150

Rugged Single-Axis Joystick Controller.


This data is being held in our product archive to provide product support for existing users of the JC150 joystick. For new applications, we recommend using the JC1500 rugged single-axis contactless joystick controller.

The Curtiss-Wright (Product Brand: Penny & Giles) JC150 is a single-axis joystick designed for use with an electronic controller and can be used to control access platforms in a wide variety of applications. Completely customizable, the JC150’s functionality can be increased through many options, including, but not limited to, LED displays, potentiometers, switches, or handle variations.

View Handle Options CL-EL Range here.

View Curtiss-Wright AMF Hand Grip, Analog Outputs here. 

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Axis-Options Single ­-
Lever Angle (Degrees) ±34° Electrical angle of movement is ±32°
Lever Actuation Spring return to center ­-
Life Cycles > 2 million >5 million for friction lock action or handle option CL/EL
Locks-Detents Friction lock with: no detent, center detent, center and end detent, end detent, center and 25° detent, 25° detent Refer to brochure for details


Resolution ­- ­-
Supply Voltage (Vdc) 5 Volt to 35Vdc ­-
Output Control Signal-Potentiometric or Hall Effect Potentiometric wiper ­-
Output Voltage Range % 0-100%, 10-90%, or 25-75% (±2%) ­-
Directional Safety Switches Yes Max load current 10mAmp
Controller Input Impedance (OHM)Ω 1.6kΩ to 10kΩ ­-
CAN Control ­- ­-
Protocol ­- ­-
Communication ­- ­-
Connection 16 Way Amp Connector Mating connector and pins, 16 way harness, refer to brochure for details


Operating Temperature Range −20°C to +70°C ­-
Storage Temperature Range −40°C to +85°C ­-
Environmental Protection IP65 (above the flange) ­-


Handle Solutions Multiple handle solutions HKN knob fitted as standard Refer to handle data sheet for alternatives Some handle require an additional mounting plate
Inputs from Handle Yes ­-
External Inputs (Other than handle) ­- ­-
Other Full handle options ­-

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