Curtiss-Wright JC050

Proportional, Thumb-Operated, Hall-Effect Roller – Joystick Grip.

The Curtiss-Wright (Penny & Giles) JC050 is a proportional thumb-operated roller for use in joystick grips and other in-cab human-machine interfaces. The roller utilizes non-contacting, Hall-effect sensing technology that eliminates contact wear and provides for the long-life integrity of the output signal, giving rise to a minimum operating life of 3 million cycles.

A robust, return-to-center mechanism provides movement over a range of ±37°, with the thumbwheel having an option of a lever profile to ease operation. A compact mechanical design means the required under-panel space is just 23mm.

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Breakout Force 12,2 Nm -
Operating Force at End of Travel 24.4 Nm -
Maximum Load On Roller 200N downward 0.4Nm torque
Mechanical Angle ±37° -
Mechanical Life 3 million cycles -
Weight 14.6g -


Supply Voltage (Vdc) 5Vdc ± 0.5Vdc -
Output Voltage 10% to 90% or 20% to 80% of supply voltage -
Center Reference 48% to 52% of Supply Voltage The dual outputs can be configured to have positive ramps, a combination of positive and negative ramps or full voltage range over half travel from sensor with constant output in the other half travel
Current Consumption < 19mA -
Connection 3, 4 or 6-way flying lead based on input/output requirements -


Operating Temperature Range −40°C to +85°C -
Storage Temperature Range −40°C to +85°C -
Environmental Protection IP67 (electronics sealed to) The roller has a design where contamination (liquid or dust) can pass through the mechanism without causing any damage and an IP67 protection of the electronics
- -
EMC Immunity Level - -
ISO 11432-4: 2005 20-800MHz
ISO 11452-2: 2004 100V/m, 400-2000MHz
- -
EMC Emissions Level ISO 14982: 2009 ECE Reg. 10.04 Annex 7
Vibration (Random) EN 60068-2-64: 2008 3.6gn, 10-200Hz, 2h per axis
Bump EN 60068-2-27: 2008 25gn, 10ms, 500 bumps in each of 6 directions
Free-Fall Drop EN 60068-2-32: 1993 1.0m at level C, 1.2m at level E
Shock EN 60068-2-27: 2008 50g, 6ms, half sine, 3 shocks in each of 6 directions
MTTFd >700 years -


Features and Benefits: - -
Robust design for arduous in-cab applications -
Return-to-center -
Optional lever actuator profile -
Low under-panel depth of 23mm -
Hall-effect sensor technology -
Dual-redundant electronic architecture -
Outputs with sense and voltage span options -
Dual supply to ensure a high level of signal integrity -
Designed to allow contamination (liquid or dust) to pass through the mechanism without causing any damage -


Mobile -


Robust design for arduous applications -
For use in joystick grips and other in-cab human-machine interfaces -
Off-highway vehicles -
Integration within joystick hand grips -

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