Curtiss-Wright JC040

Proportional,  Hall-Effect Rocker for Joystick Grips and Other In-Cab Human-Machine Interfaces.

The Curtiss-Wright (Penny & Giles) JC040 offers two robust, return-to-center operating options are available: a ±25° movement from the center; or a ±20° movement with an over-press feature, which can be included in both directions of movement or just one, used to indicate a different mode of machine operation. In all versions, a compact mechanical design means the required under-panel space is just 21mm.

The rocker utilizes non-contacting, Hall effect sensing technology that eliminates contact wear and provides for the long-life integrity of the output signal, giving rise to a minimum operating life of 1 million cycles.

Safety is enhanced via a fully dual-redundant electronic architecture made up of two power supplies and two sensing circuits, the outputs of which can be set to positive or negative ramps or a combination of both. Electronic robustness is assured with the enclosure sealing rated to IP67.

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    Breakout Force 3Nm -
    Operating Force at End of Travel - Without Over-Press 6.5 ± 1.5Nm -
    Operating Force at Start of Over-Press 6Nm -
    Operating Force to Engage Over-Press 17Nm -
    Mechanical Angle ±25° -
    Start of Over-Press ±20° -
    Mechanical Life 3 million cycles -
    Weight 20g maximum -


    Supply Voltage (Vdc) 5Vdc ± 0.5Vdc -
    Output Voltage 10% to 90% of supply voltage -
    Center Reference 48% to 52% of supply voltage -
    Output Sense The dual outputs can be configured to have positive ramps or a combination of positive or negative ramps -
    Current Consumption < 19mA -
    Connection 6-way flying lead -


    Operating Temperature Range −25C to +80°C -
    Storage Temperature Range −40°C to +80°C -
    Environmental Protection IP67 -


    EMC Immunity Level EN 61000-4-3: 2002 100V/m, 80MHz, 1GHz and 1.4 2.7GHz
    EMC Emissions Level 'EN 61000-6-4: 2011 300MHz-1GHz
    ESD Immunity Level EN 61000-4-2, Level 2: 1995 4kV contact and air discharge
    Vibration (Random) EN 60068-2-64: 2008 3 6gn, 10-200Hz, 2h per axis
    Bump EN 60068-2-27: 2008 25gn, 10ms, 500 bumps in each of 6 directions
    Free-Fall Drop EN 60068-2-32: 1993 1, oM at level C, 1.2m ate level E
    Shock EN 60068-2-17: 2008 50g, 6ms, half sine, 3 shocks in each of 6 directions
    MTTFd >700 years -
    - -
    Features and Benefits: - -
    Uses non-contacting, Hall-effect sensing technology for long-life integrity of output signal -
    Provides safety functionality via dual outputs which can be set to positive or combination of positive and negative ramps -
    Benefits from independent supply voltages for each output -
    Designed for integration within joystick grips and other in-cab human-machine interfaces -
    'Pass through’ design for liquid or dust contamination -
    Electronic robustness is assured by sealing internal electronics to rating of IP67 -
    Features integrated optional, mechanical over-press feel – that operates at ±20 degrees of travel from center position – to provide additional operator feedback -
    Electrical output can be used in a system to indicate new mode of operation such as rapid traverse -
    Provides return-to-center, ±25 degree rocker action -
    Features 21 mm (0.83 in.) under-panel depth -
    Rated for 1 million operating cycles -
    Supplied as standalone unit or integrated into Penny & Giles AMF range of grips -
    Offers 5Vdc supply voltage and connection via 6-way flying lead -


    Applications: - -
    Joystick Grips -
    In-Cab Human-Machine Interfaces -
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