Curtiss-Wright ICT080

8mm Body Diameter Contactless In-Cylinder Linear Transducer.

The Curtiss-Wright (Product Brand:)  Penny & Giles ICT080 Contactless In-Cylinder Linear Transducer combines the best features associated with LVDTs and potentiometers into one rugged, contactless and highly reliable displacement transducer.

With a body diameter of only 8mm the ICT080 linear displacement transducer is ideal for installation into hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder applications where space is at a premium.

The ICT080 is ideal for use on small-bore actuators and offers a choice of internal or threaded flange mounting configurations to suit tie-rod, welded and rear clevis-mounted cylinder types in stroke ranges from 25 to 1000mm. Two core configurations also provide the designer with these options;  sleeved core and threaded core.

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Range 25-1000mm Increments length dependent
Housing Material In cylinder design Non contacting inductive
Size - -
Height - -
Length Model code specific -
Width 8.0mm dia Insert style dependent
Mounting 5 versions Internal flange, external flange, slider ring
Weight Length dependent -


Input EICT conversion module 10-60Vdc
Output 0 to 5.0V, 0.5 to 4.5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA 11 Output options
Electrical Protection - -
Over-Voltage Y -
Reserve-Voltage Y -
Output Short-Circuit Protected Y -
Connections Lead wire 0.5, 1.0, and 6.0 meter -
LED Indicators none -
Resolution Controller dependent -


Operating Temperature Range Low range −55°C to +120°C High range −20°C to +200°C
Storage Temperature Range −55ºC to +200°C Model dependent
Humidity 100% -
Protection Class EICT=IP66 EICTM=IP68
Vibration 10Hz to 2000Hz @ 4.12 grams All axes
Shock 40 g 6.0mS half sine -

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