Curtiss-Wright HB Series

Button or Rocker Switch, ‘Person Present’ Feature.

The Penny & Giles HB series handle was developed to replicate the functionality of the traditional mechanical handle. The HB can be specified with either a button or rocker switch, mounted into the top of the handle, within easy reach of the operator’s thumb. These can be configured as a ‘Person Present’ feature or, for example, the steer signal for an access platform. Special versions have been developed with front buttons and with tactile feedback (thumper) options as well. All buttons are rubber booted.

JC150 Single axis joystick, JC6000 Multi axis joystick

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    Size: (S) Small, (M) Medium, (L) Large Full hand grip; left or right -
    Maximum Height Above Flange 149mm - 164mm Refer to brochure
    Maximum Grip Diameter 35mm Top of joystick
    Number of Actuators - Content varies upon selection
    On/Off Actuators 2 Special options available
    Rocker Switches 1 -
    Proportional Push Buttons 0 -
    Proportional Rocker Switches - Special
    Proportional Sliders 0 -
    Trigger/Operator Presence - Special
    Front or Side Buttons 0 Refer to brochure
    Expected Life (Operations) 1,000,000 Actuator dependent


    Supply Voltage (Vdc) 5-32Vdc Product specific
    AMP Ratubg Switch dependent 2.5A mps @ 30Vdc maximum
    CAN Control Not currently developed -
    Supply Voltage (Vdc) - -
    Protocol - -
    Communication - -
    Connection - -


    Operating Temperture Range −40°C to +85°C Actuators will have their own specific temperature rating
    Storage Temperature Range −40°C to +85°C Actuators will have their own specific temperature rating
    Environmental Protection IP65 -
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