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IQAN is a state-of-the-art system, developed by Parker Hannifin, for electronically controlling and monitoring hydraulics in mobile machines.

IQAN communicates with the other systems in the machinery, such as diesel engines and transmission systems. IQAN master units display data from these systems and also allows control of them. IQAN is user-programmable via a high-level graphical design tool, which dramatically simplifies development. Simulation of the control system takes place in parallel with the programming of machine functions.

The IQAN software tools cover all phases of a machine’s lifecycle, from development through productions to after sales.

There are three (3) different studios available: (more in-depth look at Parker IQAN Software Studios Software Tools)

  • IQAN Creative Studio  (a user-programmable software package for the R&D department. It includes tools for application development, simulation, and initial setup).
  • IQAN Productive Studio (a software package for the manufacturing and service departments. It includes development tools to customize and automate production and maintenance processes).
  • IQAN Active Studio  (a software package for service and production personnel. It includes tools for machine diagnostics, setup, and simulation).
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    Product Type Windows PC -


    Features and Benefits - -
    Graphical interface makes it easy to use -
    No compiling reduces errors and speeds development -
    No yearly maintenance or support fees, free update -
    Simple to make display page layouts with drag and drop -
    Multiple language support including Cyrillic and Chinese -
    Machine data logging -


    Markets - -
    Construction Equipment -
    Forestry Equipment -
    Agriculture Machinery -
    Material Handling Equipment -
    Mining -
    Applications - -
    Refuse Trucks -
    Crop Sprayers -
    Fork Lifts and Telehandlers -
    Feller Bunchers and Forwarders -
    Rock Drills -
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